415 meters long train comes from China

The brand new high-speed train, which will be the candidate for the longest train in the world, comes from China. The train, which has been completely developed in China and started its tests for use, carries twice as many cars as compared to its current counterparts.

The new train, developed according to the previous Fuxing model, was developed by CRRC Tangshan Co.Ltd. The company, which hired many engineers and designers for its construction, did not explain how long it took this train. The new Fuxing train is the length of the 415 meter and can carry a total of 16 wagons. In other words, it is not far from the eyes that the competitors are quite large.

CRRC Tangshan Co.Ltd, which prefers Beijing for test drives, states that the train has a capacity of 1100 passengers.

Relying on China in terms of energy and service life, the company emphasizes that it has developed Fuxing completely in its own country. It is stated that the production of the Fuxing train will be started shortly after all tests are completed.

Source : I www.tamindir.co



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