Between Halkapinar and Otogar 4 in İzmir

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan visited the Izmir Governor's Office and made statements to the press.

In order to facilitate the life of the people of İzmir including İZBAN and the State Railways to carry their own line in the inner city of the Municipality of İZBAN project that they are carrying out jointly expressed the Minister Arslan, kul 80 km 33 of Aliaga-Cumaovasi single, 33 set in binary 12 with a range of 176 voyages In 2011, İZBAN has become much more efficient and much better usable in 2014 by the fact that the State Railways have been supporting 10 sets and added engineer personnel in order to make the project work more economically more efficiently. In 2016, we extended Aliaga-Cumaovasi to Tepekoy and extended it to 110 km and added an additional set of 40. Number of times 73'e the number of times 193'e output. Then 2017 km was extended in 136 this time with the participation of our Prime Minister and this time the whole line was 10 km. 242 expeditions could be made at 07.00 min. Intervals. 09.00 minutes to 16.00 minutes we have dropped. 19.00 time intervals since December 10 6 time we have now raised the number of minutes here and a xnumx'y this is our satisfaction. "He said.

Minister Arslan, müş Of course, when we use the lines of State Railways to İZBAN, our main line trains are also working here. Because our mainline trains also have to work, let's say this. Of course, at peak times, we have now given an instruction to make the mainline trains go here less and provide more service to the passengers. One thing should not be forgotten, or the trains come from Alsancak. Once again from Alsancak, the same line is used once. So when you take this into account, we are already trading with an interval of less than 28 minutes. When you come to the north-south axis and take the trains to and from Alsancak, we also already run a business in 6 minutes. I would like to express this with satisfaction. Im

Izmir, especially Halkapınar-bus station in 4,5 km underground rail link in order to provide services to the people of Ontario Armstrong, representing the end of the whole project, "the Council of Ministers've supply. I hope that the Council of Ministers will be released soon and we will make the line between Halkapınar and Otogar on the 4 line. Two of this line will serve all the trains of the 4 will serve all trains will be done at once. Thus, both YHT and conventional trains will be able to use this line. Hopefully, we will complete this process in a short time and start this year's tender. We will have fulfilled the promise we gave earlier. Daha


The continued mobilization YHT 1.213 km of railway lines in the country and is in the business of Arslan Minister stating, "I hope that next year we will have opened the 405 km from Ankara-Sivas. In this year, we will open and turn Konya-Karaman into an electrical signal and hopefully the next step is to bring Ankara-Izmir together with YHT. Bu Minister Arslan, Turkey is no longer just standing hand and foot from the IMF, we have become a country that separates a project 8 billion between Ankara and Izmir this is very important. "he said.

UDH Minister Ahmet Arslan said, ığ We have started all over the sub-structure completely. 13 percent progress is made. I hope the whole project will be finished between 2 and 2,5 years. Polatlı-Afyonkarahisar-Usak between the upper structure of the electric, signal, including the telecommunication have made the superstructure tender. We're going to make a contract today to end the evaluation. Next, in April, Uşak-Manisa-Menemen part of the superstructure of electricity, signal, telecommunication tender will do. So we're going to start the superstructure. I would also like to express this with satisfaction. Bunu

”We will remove İZBAN to 186 KM“

In particular, Arslan stating that they were connecting the İZBAN to Tepeköy-Selçuk and bringing them to the 136 km, said a We made the tender for the part of Aliağa-Bergama which we gave the good news before and the tender processes are continuing. so we will have to remove izban 186 50 kilometers and kilometers of Bergama Aliaga in part to express the satisfaction of being brought to a tender process stage we promise we will give you more I would like to add to it. Again, Torbali-Odemis-Tire line of the electric, signal, telecommunication in the project about 150 million TL in a project that we hope it is continuing the evaluation. And next year, we'll make this line electric and signaled. ve

Another important project of İzmir, Menemen-Manisa-Balıkesir-Bandırma line, is an electrical, signaling project, Arslan said, u This is a project total cost of 310 km, approximately 520 million TL, up to 50 we are making progress. We are testing the Manisa-Balıkesir section nowadays as of the end of this month, and we will be commissioning this area and by completing the Bandırma-Balıkesir part at the end of the year, we will complete the whole line with an electric signal. Bugün


Arslan stated that they have taken the Ödemiş-Kiraz Railway Project to the investment program and said: Kir Let me give this good news. This year we took this project into the investment program. The construction of Ödemiş-Kiraz railway has a project cost of about 30 km and 400 million TL. We have taken this into an investment program as an electric, signal and double line project and we finish our work. In the second half of this year, I hope we will realize the investment tender. Es He underlined that the Bergama-Soma railway project is important and that the missing ring will be able to make uninterrupted railway transportation on that route when it is connected with the railway and that it is included in this year's investment program to prepare the study project.


UDH Minister Ahmet Arslan, who also mentioned the communication and noted that great distance has been taken in this field, said, “It is very important for us to facilitate the life and access of the people of Izmir. As the government and the Ministry, we will continue to serve the people of Izmir. ” he spoke.

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