35 Billion Euro Investment for Rail System in Development Plan

  1. The Development Plan foresees an investment of 35 billion euros for the rail system. Emphasizing that the rail system will play a big role in the development of relations between the regions, Minister of Development Lütfi Elvan stressed that the priority transportation problem should be solved for the development of trade.

Speaking at the opening of the Mediterranean Economic Forum in Mersin, Minister of Development Lütfi Elvan stated that they aim to increase the international competitiveness of the Mediterranean Region. One of them is the strengthening of the transportation infrastructure. It is very difficult to achieve rapid growth in development without strengthening the transport infrastructure. For him, transportation infrastructure is one of the most important issues for us Onun.


Minister Elvan, Mersin-Antalya between the 4 hours will be reduced approximately 90 of the Mediterranean Coast Road, said: The Mediterranean Coast Road is especially important for strengthening the connection with the west. As of now, we opened the 10 tunnel and 2 viaduct. Hopefully this year we will open another 3 tunnel. We're reaching the end of the road. "Light appeared," they say, I hope there is a small part, the Mediterranean Coast Road will be completed, "he said.


Elvan said the runways and aprons will be completed at the end of June at the Çukurova Regional Airport, which has been built to have a capacity of 30 million passengers and is under construction. Expressing that logistics costs need to be taken down, Minister Elvan said, özellikle In this respect, especially the high-speed railway infrastructure will contribute greatly to the development of trade. Mersin-Adana-Osmaniye-Gaziantep high-speed train line continues. The construction of the Mersin-Ulukışla-Karaman-Konya high-speed train line continues with this line Bu.

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