Varsak-Zerdalilik 3. Stage Rail System Project Tenders

The Metropolitan Municipality will provide a permanent and modern solution to the transportation of Antalya 3. The Stage Rail System Project is being awarded on Tuesday, 27 March. The giant project that will bring contemporary public transportation to Kepez will also modernize the nostalgic tramway. There will be a total of 25 units, including 38 kilometers or even 1 pieces of ground level 39 units.

Mayor Menderes Turel continues to weave Antalya with iron nets. Türel, who introduced Antalya to the 11.1 kilometer Meydan-Kepezaltı rail system line in the first period, once again took 2014 to 18. The Metropolitan Municipality will now be among the Varsak-Zerdalilik 25 kilometers 3. The Stage Rail System Project is being auctioned at the Metropolitan Municipality of 27 on Tuesday, March at 14.00. Participants in the referendum in the 23 neighborhood related to the project Antalya, 97.63 rate yes we want to say the project.

Starting from Kepez Varsak and joining the nostalgic tram line at Training Research Hospital in Muratpaşa Meltem, 3. The 38 units will be equipped with 1 pieces underground and 39 units will be located in the Stage Rail System Project. The line, which will start from the old town hall, will continue until the Suleyman Demirel Boulevard, Sakarya Boulevard, Otogar Junction, Dumlupinar Boulevard, Medical Faculty, Meltem, Training Research Hospital and Museum and it will join with the old nostalgia tram. Within the scope of the project, the nostalgia tram line between Museum and Zerdalilik will also be renewed from the beginning and will be arranged as departure. With the new wagons, the nostalgia tram will be completely modernized.

With the project, passenger access will be provided to important regions such as Otogar, University Hospital, University Campus, Courthouse, Training and Research Hospital located in the city center and west of the Varsak region in the north of the city. 1. Etap Meydan-Kepezaltı and 2. 3 will be integrated with Etap Meydan-Airport-Aksu lines. With the Phase Rail System Project, a ring surrounding Antalya will be created. Systems were planned to transfer passengers and vehicles to each other.

3 will ease the urban transportation. The Phase Rail System Project will increase the value of the regions on the route. Most of the line passes through the boundaries of Kepez district. While the value of the houses and workplaces in the places where the line passes, the neighborhoods in Kepez district will gain a significant value.

Previously, the Rail System 2'nın Stage, Sharampol Project, Transportation Master Plan, Çallı Overpass Project, East Garage and Surrounding Urban Design Project, Triangle-Storey Car Park Project, who determined the fate of the citizens of Antalya, 3. He also went to the polls for the Stage Rail System Project. 23 on the route along the line of citizens living in the neighborhood participated in the referendum with 97.63 yes, the percentage was out.



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