3. Airport Step-by-Step

The opening of the Istanbul New Airport was a 7 month. AirportHaber General Broadcast Coordinator Ali Kıdık visited the construction site to observe the final version of the terminal.

Turkey's alternative single source of pride begin preparations to hand a perfect opening to remain No. months the opening of the third airport, on the other hand work to get ready for the airport's services 7 / 24 continuing basis.

Airport Haber General Broadcast Coordinator Ali Kıdık visited İGA Construction CEO Yusuf Akçayoğlu to get information about the works at the airport.

Yusuf Akçayoğlu, the CEO of İGA Construction, said about the third airport. We did all our plans to complete the 29 in October, Tüm he summarized.

According to the observer of the Airporthaber General Editor Ali Kıdık; The third airport 29 opens in October as follows:

  • Although the airport connection roads are not completed, passengers who will use the airport despite their difficult conditions can reach the airport by their own means.
  • If the rail system does not go into service as soon as possible, passengers may have difficulty for a long time.
  • Passengers arrive at the airport in some way after passing the security, making ticket transactions and can fly and fly. However, such facilities as eating and drinking, shopping, hanging around. This situation does not interfere with the opening of the airport.
  • Passenger bridges will be completed by the end of May, no problem in this regard.
  • The second runway will be finished.
  • The tower is over, technical equipment work continues.
  • The work for the environmental safety and internal safety of the airport continues rapidly.
  • It is seen that the passengers, who will provide transportation not only on the ring road but also in Arnavutköy, will be subject to traffic congestion. For this reason, the new road must be built around Arnavutköy.
  • The companies such as TGS, Havaş, Çelebi have no activities such as buildings and accommodation for the time being.
  • There is no other work that MRO companies have just been to Onur Air's initiative.

Source : I www.airporthaber.co

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