3 Active Fault Output on the Route of Kanal Istanbul Project

It was revealed that the route of the Channel Istanbul project, which President Erdoğan called a üç crazy project ', was on three active faults.

Channel Istanbul project has been discussed for a long time, three active fault on the route appeared. Professor Dr. Haluk Eyidogan, 2014'de Küçükçekmece Lake under the fault lines, drawing attention to the "great earthquake faults in the vicinity of the fault lines can create aftershocks can create shocks," he said.

According to the report of the Republic of Hazal Ocak, controversial Channel Istanbul project on the route of the earthquake appeared to be in danger. In an article written in 2014, it is stated that there is an active (3) fault in Küçükçekmece Lake on the project route. Professor Dr. Değerlendiril These faults need to be carefully evaluated in terms of the earthquake hazard potential of the region, Hal he said.

Kanal Istanbul project, which has been discussed for a long time, starts from Kucukcekmece Lake, continues along the Sazliddara Dam basin and passes through the Sazlibosna Village to the east of Dursunkoy, and after passing Baklali Village, it is planned to pour into the Black Sea at the east of Terkos Lake. A new information emerged about the project route.

An article written by academician Hakan Alp in 2014 states that leri 3 active fault has been reported on the lake base in the northern direction as a result of the seismic reflection studies conducted in Küçükçekmece Lake Ak. ITU Department of Geophysical Engineering E. Faculty Member Dr. Haluk Eyidoğan reminded the 3 active fault line in Küçükçekmece Lake and said fay When the big earthquake faults are activated, they can create medium strength plus shocks in the surrounding fault lines Hal.


Eyidoğan explained that human resources may cause human-induced earthquakes except natural earthquakes due to the provision of material for surface and underground natural resources, underground storage, large constructions or industrial activities for energy production. Eyidoğan made the following warnings: ın The channel is an open excavation area where 8.750.000 m2 3 billion tonnes of excavation will be removed unless we consider Istanbul Küçükçekmece Lake. In other words, a gigantic pit will be created and a huge load will be lifted from the surface along the route. This will also alter pore pressure balances in geological structures at certain depths in the region. At this point I want to express my concerns.

In large open and deep mining studies, especially in recent 15-20 years, scientific observations showed that earthquakes triggered earthquakes near the open mines, where large mass were taken from the earth, and caused various losses and troubles. Due to the abolition of 3.6-4.5 billion tons of cargo lost to this huge pit to be excavated for the Kanal Istanbul Project and the changes in the underground liquid pore pressure, the balance of ground and underground stresses in its immediate vicinity will be disrupted. We know that overloads have caused an earthquake. This needs to be discussed and modeled. Bun

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