1 Million Diyarkart Free Distributed

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality, which aims to spread the boarding card system for regular and systematic public transport services, will distribute the Diarkart'an 1 million cards free of charge before. Citizens who want to get from the redesigned public transportation boarding cards with historical figures of the city can apply to the Diyarkart office located in the lower part of Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality Bilgi Evi (Guest House).

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality, which aims to spread the boarding card system for more regular public transportation services and to remove the cash in public transportation, will distribute free of charge to the Diyarkart'an 1 million free of charge. Reduced, full and free 3 different card system to be continued in the application will not be charged from any card.


The citizens who want to get Diyarkart free of charge and whose historical places are reflected in Diyarbakır can apply to the Diyarkart office in Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality Information House (Guest House) located in the office district of Yenişehir. Diyarkart officials, Teachers, Students or 65 pensioners of the age of discounted, over 65 age, disabled, soldier, police, veterans, martyrs, police, yellow press card holders and citizens who meet the criteria set by the City Council of Diyarbakir official documents, photocopies and a copy of he said he could get a Free Diyarkart by applying with a photo. For full boarding cards, no documents are requested.

Applications result in a short time

Providing information about the new cards that have been made more attractive by changing the design, the Transportation Department stated that the Diyarkards in use will continue to be valid. Stating that their aim is to ensure that those who did not buy Diyarkart previously received this card, the Transportation Department informed that the transactions of the cards, which will be distributed for 1 million copies, are completed in a short time, such as 5 minutes. Stating that citizens should not get any victimization with the removal of cash rides in public transportation, the Transportation Department stated that they can fill in 10 points, 6 of which are digital and 46 of which are mobo.

Discounted and Free new cards, distributed fully outside of Diyarkart, include the person's status information as well. The citizens of Diyarkart expressed their gratitude for the free distribution of the cards and thanked those who contributed.



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