SAMULAŞ Carries 100 Thousand People per Day

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality SAMULAŞ 20, which provides urban transportation services in Samsun, is the most important actor of transportation with its close service time.

In 2010, SAMULAŞ, which started to serve with 16 tram and 16 kilometer University-Garage with light rail system, now serves the people of Samsun with 8 light rail system vehicle, including 29 units, and 30 kilometers, with the university-Tekkeköy rail system line.

SAMULAŞ, which aims to provide a safer, comfortable and modern transportation service to the public in accordance with the developing and changing urbanism concept in Samsun, which is the most developed and largest city in terms of population, education, health, industry, trade, transportation and economy, In this direction, it continues its work without slowing down and provides services to more than one thousand citizens every day during the week with both rail system vehicles and ring and express buses.

29 tram 4-5 serves at intervals

Operation Manager Sevilay Germi Telci, who provided information about the services given to the people of Samsun, said: While we are completing the eighth year of our service, some cities are starting to conduct new new rail system project works. With our 12 vehicle fleet, we start from Tekkeköy and University stations as of 29. In the morning and in the evening hours during the 06.15 to 4 minute intervals, while providing a rail service in the weekdays mostly 5 over a thousand passengers are serving. Yoğun

5 Express, 17 ring line.

Operations Manager Telci who stated that they carried out transportation services in the city of Samsun on behalf of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality. We do the planning of our express lines as Residential-Hospital, Residential-School, Residential-Business-oriented and we serve our citizens accordingly. We currently have 2018 pieces of 91 ring lines that serve our people by SAMULAŞ. Our express buses serve 5 to 17 intervals in peak hours according to service points. We serve approximately 8 thousand passengers daily with our express and ring vehicles. Olarak

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