200 Mileage Inbound Fast Passenger Train Split In Two

The Acela Express passenger train from Washington to Boston in the US and at a speed of more than 200 is divided into two in Maryland.

According to the information obtained, it was reported that the reason for the incident that took place at 06.40 yesterday morning was a technical malfunction in the train. There were 52 passengers on the train at the time of the accident. However, fortunately, no one died or was injured in the accident, where the train was split from the bellows area where the wagons converged.

A source who made a statement on the subject, m during the accident someone could try to pass to the other car and die, ilgili he said.

Amtrak and a train from South Carolina to New York went to another train on Sunday. Two people were killed. Four days before this accident, a train carrying members of the US Congress's Republican Party crashed into a garbage truck in Virginia. A person in the truck was dead. Also in December another train belonging to the company derailed near the city of Tacoma, at least 6 was injured in the incident.



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