Addition to IETT Lines in Esenyurt

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mevlüt Uysal visited Esenyurt Municipality and made a meeting on investments and projects.

Mayor Ali Murat Alatepe was welcomed by Mayor Uysal, with the participation of IMM and Esenyurt Municipality bureaucrats.

President Uysal said, gerçekleştir We are doing this meeting in order to improve coordination and to evaluate the investments in the works between our Metropolitan Municipality and our district municipality. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we will consider the investments we made in Esenyurt and the demands of our Mayor on behalf of the people of the district. We will produce fast solutions. Hızlı

. We will give priority to Transport and Traffic Regulations. In addition, the Republic Square and other challenge arrangements will be completed and we will present our citizens to the service as soon as possible Ayrıca.

After the meeting, the President Uysal made a statement shortly before the Esenyurt Municipality Ali Murat Alatepe'a newly elected to the post after the change of duty, come to visit no, today in Esenyurt to make meetings about investments and projects, he said.

President Uysal stated that they had a meeting in Istanbul's 24 district with the meeting in today's Esenyurt Municipality. They expressed what should be done. We have also expressed what we will do in Esenyurt as Metropolitan Municipality. We have discussed all the projects together and discussed how things will be finished faster. Tüm

During the meeting, President Uysal emphasized the underworld of the bureaucrats from the IMM and the district municipality. In the meeting, we also talked about which projects will be finished with priority. I hope everything will be better for Esenyurt. İn

Mayor Ali Murat Alatepe also thanked Mayor Uysal for his visits and said, Başkan We had a very efficient coordination meeting. Metropolitan Municipality has great investments here. We also talked about how to ensure coordination. We will act together with our Metropolitan Municipality. In addition, the Mayor of our region who knows this region will make our business easier, Ayrıca he said.



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