Thousands of Signatures Gathered Against Hidden Hitting in İZBAN In Municipality


Thousands of signatures gathered against the secret hike in İZBAN in İzmir were handed over to the Metropolitan Municipality by the TKP İzmir provincial organization. In the press release in front of the municipality, it was stated that if the application is not withdrawn, the issue will be taken to the administrative court and a lawsuit will be filed.

izban hidden time against thousands of signatures collected in Izmir, Turkey Communist Party (CAP) by the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, it was delivered to the organization.

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In the press release in front of the Municipality, he said, “We will not let go of this robbery. If this unequal and unfair practice is not taken back, we will take the matter to the administrative court and file a lawsuit ”.

TKP members gathered in front of the Metropolitan Municipality at noon and shared with journalists the results of the signature campaign of the city's İZBAN stations for two weeks.


In a press release issued on behalf of TKP Izmir provincial organization, it was said:

Just two weeks ago, at a press conference, the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality challenged the attitude of the et merchant municipality ark imposed on the people of Izmir.

For two weeks, we set up tables at İZBAN stations in the morning and observed and documented the persecution of the people of İzmir. We discussed the possibilities of struggling together and gathered signatures and gathered signatures. Thousands of citizens rebelled against the mentality of the ederek merchant municipality ini of the Metropolitan Municipality of CHP and expressed the demand for the immediate withdrawal of the hike in İZBAN.

This is exactly two weeks later, with thousands of signatures, by the will of the people of Izmir here, in front of the Metropolitan Municipality.

Aziz Kocaoglu saw growing anger at İZBAN stations, and he was not afraid to say r If we do what we do, İzmir swings after a rocking Koca. "The money we pay to locomotives is the world," he went further.

Where does Kocaoglu's meaningless self-confidence come from? Does Kocaoglu pay this money in his own pocket? Why doesn't he say that the source of these money is the taxes people pay?

Justice and Justice Party (AKP) and MHP (other party parties) who criticized Kocaoğlu's persecution for İZBAN, could not establish a different sentence than CHP. MHP, "We understand the hike you've understood, the turmoil," he said; The AKP also said: ek The longest distance fee should be taken on the descent, not on boarding the train müşteri halk In merchantism, in marketplace, there is no difference in seeing people as customers… Al shoot one mesafe

Our request is clear and clear:

Public transport is a fundamental right for all citizens. Governments and local governments are obliged to offer this right to citizens.

The blockage system and the exorbitant increase in İZBAN imposed by Kocaoğlu take this right away and usurp our right to transportation. Within the boundaries of the metropolitan municipality, the concept of different wages according to the distance in public transportation is inequality, injustice and extortion.

We repeat: Kocaoğlu should immediately abandon the Metropolitan Municipality “company l and the people of İzmir“ the customer'n to stop thinking about Tekrar CEO Tekrar. As an operator, he should give up the ”patronage“ to the people of İzmir. This unequal, unjust, unfair application should be terminated immediately.

Today, we will deliver thousands of signatures to the Metropolitan Municipality. And we're not gonna let this robbery go.

If this unequal and unfair practice is not taken back, we will bring the case to the administrative court and file a lawsuit. We will share with you the developments related to the case.

Izmir will not dismiss boss.

We will not bow to the rain.

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