CHP's Tanrıkulu asks the Prime Minister about the allegations

CHP Istanbul Deputy Sezgin Tanrıkulu brought the claims that public administrations would not give up the "invitation" method in big tenders to the agenda of the Assembly.

The parliamentary question submitted by Tanrıkulu with the request of Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım to answer the issue is as follows;

Cengiz İnşaat, one of the five companies that undertook the 2017rd Airport, in which the invited tenders received by Cengiz İnşaat during 3 approached 3 billion TL and the projects received last year; 792.9 million TL - Connecting T26 to the YHT line with its unopened part (with İçtaş),

891.6 million TL - Bandırma-Bursa- Ayama-Osmaneli railway, 607.3 million TL - Kastamonu - Çankırı road and

527.4 million TL - Trabzon-Aşkale Köstere Stream is reflected in the press.

The total contract size of the four invitation jobs received by Cengiz İnşaat from Karayolları and TCDD of 2.8 billion TL. It was reflected in the press that the tenders received by the method other than the invitation method applied in disasters and unforeseen situations were approximately 6 billion, and the Rize Airport was the first of the works received by open tender, which was made with Cengiz Construction and an energy company. is among the news.

In this context;

  1. What is the explanation of the fact that investor public administrations, including the Highways and TCDD, do not give up on the ih invitation inin method in large tenders?
  2. Considering the news that the four invitation jobs received by Cengiz İnşaat from Karayolları and TCDD for 2.8 billion TL are the total contract size, are the claims that the "invitation" method for certain companies will not be abandoned during the AKP governments?
  3. Considering the increase in the resources transferred from the budget, and the news that Cengiz İnşaat has procured by the method other than disaster and unforeseeable cases, it is announced that when the auctions are announced to the public?
  4. The news that Cengiz İnşaat won the 1.4 billion TL Kastamonu-İnebolu divided road tender together with Özaltın İnşaat and Cengiz İnşaat won 2.8 tenders of the state during 2017, with 8 billion TL being invited, and the total size exceeded 7.9 billion TL Considering, which are the tenders Cengiz İnşaat won on a yearly basis between 2002 and 2018, how much are the tender prices and which are the companies that won the tenders together with Cengiz İnşaat?
  5. What are the companies receiving tenders by the ”invitation“ method from the public administrations in the last 2 year? What are the tender prices?
    1. How many of the companies that undertake the airport have received the auctions by which bargaining method.


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