TCDD 3 Regional Director Koçbay Founded in Balıkesir

Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) Izmir Regional Director Selim Koçbay 3, were found in various investigations in Balikesir.

Balıkesir South Marmara Development Agency held the meeting, Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General, Balıkesir South Development Agency Provincial Director, Bursa Customs Regional Director, TCDD 3 Regional Director Selim Kocbay and TCDD Transportation Coordinator Habil Emir Regional Coordinator attended.

After the meeting, TCDD 3rd Region Manager Koçbay made examinations at Balıkesir Gökköy Logistics Center, Balıkesir Logistics Directorate and Balıkesir Station and received information about the studies.

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