OTOBAN System Proposal Instead of Surplus Money System in İZBAN

Bilal Doğan, the Deputy Chairman of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council AK Party Group, has brought a critical proposal to the application of surplus money in İZBAN, which has recently become the main complaint issue for Izmir residents.


Doğan, who said that the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and Aziz Kocaoğlu stayed in the classroom once again in the public transportation with the application of “Artı Para”, said, “Do not be a victim of the bride citizen here again after the transfer fiasco. Give up this app immediately. Since bad management understanding, visionlessness and incompetence became habitual in Metropolitan Municipality, the damage caused by the incompetence of ESHOT was also imposed on İZBAN and this wrong practice was insistently implemented despite everyone's opposition. As with any job, you smeared it on your face. This system brought by the Metropolitan Municipality has disturbed İzmir transportation as it was implemented without thinking about its infrastructure, without seeing the results, without any vision and vision. Despite this crisis and all our warnings that came just days ago, the return machines at the stations were insufficient, long queues and Izmir residents faced a great problem. The number one responsible here and the culprit of this crisis is the Izmir Metropolitan Mayor who did not take the necessary measures. Just like in indirect transportation, you condemned our Izmir nationals to stress and chaos. Our citizens do not deserve this treatment. We have seen the same ordeal and the same tail in the crisis of the wage collection system, as you sentenced İzmir to a paper ticket like 30 years ago. The same municipality, which sentenced İzmir residents to paper tickets for 15 days due to its incompetence and damaged millions of lira in public transportation, has now seen a similar chaos for our citizens in the city with this system. During the last year's wage collection crisis, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which could not provide the necessary environment and coordination for gathering Kent Card officials and İzmirim Kart officials, gathering them at a desk and giving mutual passwords together, made our fellow victims. Our citizens are victims and their complaints are never listened to. Since people do not have enough funds on their cards, they are not taken to İZBAN, they are rejected at the door. Our citizens cannot go to work, school, home. ”


Doğan recently exemplified the system implemented on highways as an example to İZBAN and said: “We recommend replacing this existing system with a system-like application brought by the state on highways, without sacrificing the citizen. As our citizens boarding on İZBAN enter, they will read the card to the validators, and no fees will be charged in the first lecture. On the card that is read to the validator, the first time the information indicates that the person is full, student or 65-year-old retired and the money will not be deducted. When our citizens re-read their cards at the toll booths, they will pay the distance they traveled. In other words, our passengers who will send their cards to their electronic tolls will be charged as much as they go. Thus, the obligation to load 10 lira on electronic transportation cards will be eliminated. In addition, our citizen, who does not have a balance, will have traveled without being a victim. In other words, even if he does not have an emergency balance on his card, he will have made his journey. In this way, the system will give advance to Izmir residents who do not have a balance. The debt incurred with this advance, which is given to the citizen, will be deducted from the filling devices by benefiting from the card information in the system during the first filling of the card. With minor technical changes to be made in the system, minus balance can be brought and 90 minutes application can also be maintained. Our Izmir nationals deserve this attention. Our nurses are also loyal to their debts. These missing charges can be compensated for the first filling. Municipalism means facilitating the daily life of the citizen. Our Prime Minister, Binali Yıldırım; Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ministry launched during the period and can apply this successful system applied by us in our local authority highway in the context of all Turkey. As long as the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has an intention to serve. Our government transfers most of the income it has already collected to Izmir after Kocaeli. Let's make it return to our citizens in İzmir as a service, rather than going to cover the losses of the company with the taxes paid by Bari citizens. ”

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