Station Revolt in Gürsu District of Bursa

The cancellation of the "Gürsu Station" with the savings of the General Directorate of State Railways of Gürsu, where the Freight Train Line and High Speed ​​Train Line, which is planned to be built in the Gemlik Free Zone, angered the people of the district.

Political parties and NGOs working in the district are preparing to make a joint statement.

The strongest reaction on the issue came from MHP Gürsu and Metropolitan Municipality Council Member Ayhan Önal.

Önal; In his statement on the subject, “I am extremely pleased to live, earn and spend for the gains of my district in Gürsu. However, with what mentality those responsible for the administration of the country are canceling the Gürsu station, which was planned 10 years ago and was expropriated! Is it a crime for 1 million citizens to live in Gürsu-Kestel-Yıldırım, the east of the city? Even the Metropolitan Municipality, considering the distance of 48 kilometers to the east side of the Terminal in the North of the city, took our warnings into consideration and put into operation the Kestel Transfer Terminal. They said in the reason for cancellation; We don't want the station to damage the orchard! What age do you live in! Are you going to pass those rails to be laid through the air? Bursa Central Station is 62 kilometers from our districts. Hand in hand… We will discuss the issue in the Metropolitan Council. I hope that 1 deputies of Bursa, 18 of which is our Minister, will act to correct this mistake! " used the expressions.

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    1. They changed the route of the Sapanca-Doğançay high-speed train. They passed a train route from our fruit garden in Sapanca. That's why our 10-15 year old walnut trees will be cut. We conveyed the subject to BIMER-CIMER.