High Speed ​​Train Will Revive Edirne's Social and Economic Life

Bülent Reisoğlu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ulus Pazarı Tradesmen Cooperative, defended the view that High Speed ​​Train will positively affect Edirne's social and economic life.

Bülent Reisoğlu, Chairman of the Board of Ulus Pazarı Tradesmen Cooperative (UPEK), defended the view that High Speed ​​Train will positively affect Edirne's social and economic life. “Fast transportation means vitality, abundance,” said Reisoğlu.

UPEK Chairman Bülent Reisoğlu said that Fast Train will make a positive contribution to Edirne's social and economic life. Emphasizing that there will be differences and changes in every field if the transportation is comfortable, comfortable and fast, Reisoğlu said that they think that High Speed ​​Train will be reflected positively on Ulus Market and said:


“The world is developing. It used to be traveled by camels, horses, horse carriages. Then, fast transportation by cars, planes and today is the fast train in our lives. The more comfortable, comfortable and fast the transportation is, the developments in that area differ in every area. It differs in social, commercial life. There will be changes in every area. For example; A citizen in the residential area wants to come and settle in Edirne. If it reaches its place in a shorter time in three hours, maybe it will come from Edirne and buy a land, vineyard, garden, apartment.

It will bring convenience to fast transportation as well as great benefits to the economy. Tired of Istanbul's atmosphere, like Edirne, he can go to the most beautiful city of Thrace. It reflects on everything from food and beverage to accommodation. There is daily tourism but it does not contribute much to Edirne. For example, those who come to visit places of worship return in the evening by the same bus. Many bring their provisions with them. Some of the wealthy are wondering, those who are fond of food and those who are fond of culture say, 'Let's eat your liver and meatballs'. Thanks to the High Speed ​​Train, a very different type of people comes to Edirne. Fast Train never brakes the economy. The economy is not affected negatively where there is transportation. Fast transportation means vitality and abundance.


It reflects on the Nation Market and we are pleased. It gets even more moving. People from the surrounding provinces and districts will reach here. Those who used to think 'who will go with what and with their car' will now be able to move more freely. Transportation definitely enlivens social and economic life. ”

Source : I www.hudutgazetesi.co

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