Akçaray Stops A Hearing Awareness Video

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, 4 February World Cancer Day due to the digital display of different points in the city has been a significant work of awareness. At first glance, digital images on the screen as an ordinary commercial film, then the citizens lived full of emotion.


Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality has implemented a meaningful awareness study in order to raise social awareness against many of the preventable cancers. In the form of short films, tram stops and walking routes were selected for the awareness-raising activities of the citizens. In the film, which is shown on digital screens, firstly images are given that there is a woman with hair fluctuating in the wind. Images of the citizens as an ordinary commercial film, then the lady's hair is seen from the wind. Then, with the help of the images, 4 is February World Cancer Day. Feeling full of moments while watching these images took the work to a different level. At the end of the images included in the awareness study, please contact the early diagnosis screening training centers (KETEM) for free cancer screening.


On the other hand, new data show that if 18 is allocated a billion dollars each year at international level, deaths in low and middle income countries can be reduced by up to 2030 by 30.



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