Samsun Governor's Book Reading Activities

Fatih Temiz Middle School students and their parents and teachers supported the 'Reading Time for Samsun' event, led by the Governorship of Samsun, by reading a book on the tram.

Support came from Fatih Temiz Middle School for the "Reading Time for Samsun" project initiated by the Provincial Directorate of National Education under the leadership of the Governorship of Samsun under the Education Movement. The team of 40 students, consisting of school students, parents and teachers, took the tram from the Municipality Houses station at 20.00 and read books until the last stop. Canik District Director of National Education Mustafa Uzunlar was accompanied by the banners that they prepared before getting on the train and the t-shirts they wore, drawing attention to the importance of reading.


The children, who read the book in a great silence in the tram, also received support from citizens on the train. Upon the announcement that Vatman would be given books to those who wanted it, other passengers on the train started to read their books. During the journey, which lasted about 40 minutes, the children and passengers reading their books supported Samsun Reading Time.

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