Samsun-Krasnodar Flights Develop Fairs

By TÜYAP, Samsun Governorship, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, Samsun Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Samsun Commodity Exchange, Samsun Union of Tradesmen and Craftsmen Chambers, Ondokuz Mayıs University and KOSGEB. Marriage Preparations, Housing Projects, Furniture, Accessories, Decoration, Glassware, Wedding Dresses, Bridegroom, Evening Dress, Dowry, Carpet, Wedding Organization, White Goods, Home Electronics Fair c, TUYAP Samsun Fair and Congress Center was opened with a ceremony.


Samsun 15 1 in the day even the idea of ​​making the fair excitement, emphasizing the Samsun Governor Osman Kaymak said in his speech, X Samsun is growing every day. Making this fairground is a big step in making Samsun a large scale. We need to further develop these fairs. 15 is really excited about the idea of ​​a fair day. Fairs are the constant parts of tourism and economy. The fairs we opened in Samsun contribute not only to Samsun but also to our region. Samsun was formerly the city of the Fair. I think Samsun will return to his old identity again. Samsun, sports city, health city, agriculture city, we are making the additions. Fairs have a big impact on the promotion of Samsun. Samsunspor is also a big factor in the promotion of Samsun. TÜYAP Fair Organization, here in the name of Samsunspor opened a booth showed their support. Samsunspor products will also be sold here. I hope that Samsunspor, as soon as the problems that occur. We are proud to try to destroy these problems. I wish our fair will contribute to our economy. Fuar


The start of flights between Samsun and Krasnodar, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz underlined that the trade will increase further, da We have a small step in our exhibition process. With this step, we can turn our fair into a fair which is closely followed by the Black Sea basin. We can provide this recognition with flights to Krasnodar-Samsun. If we make a scheduled flight between Krasnodar and Samsun at least 2 days a week, we can have our guests from Russia, Georgia and Ukraine if we schedule it. They also contributed to our efforts. In return, our friends went to the fairs. We cannot grow business with a small economy within ourselves. In order to expand our business, we have to open a big market outside our own small market. This market is one of the provinces on the opposite coast, which is located at a flight distance. I received information about flights from related friends. By the end of February the flight is scheduled. However, there are problems with customs and police in Krasnodar. There is a shortage of detention services at Krasnodar Airport, far from Rusline Airline. The Russian government is also involved in it. The Governor of Krasnodar is also interested. We will be able to make the first flight when these problems are solved. After the start of these flights, we are planning to increase the number of flights by increasing the number of flights. Tan


Fair in Samsun kazanExpressing that they are proud to be one of the leading partners in Samsun, Salih Zeki Murzioğlu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Samsun Trade and Industry, said, “The fair industry is growing and advancing very rapidly today. Today, fairs are held not only in Istanbul and Izmir, but also in many parts of Anatolia. These fairs have been held in Samsun for several years. By opening this fair, we see that we have done a very good job. Together with our partners, we will bring such a fair to our city. kazanWe are proud to climb. We will have a fair every 2 days in 15 months. Fairs held in a city make a great contribution to the economy of that city. I hope that this fair will make the necessary contribution to the economy. Marriage is sacred in all societies. Here is the job where we will see what can be done in marriage as soon as possible. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the organization of the fair”.

The fair will be married couples, will renew their belongings and a great opportunity for those who want to take home TUYAP Anadolu Fuarları A.Ş. Cihat Alagöz, General Manager, said: at This fair is in Samsun, 2. arrange times. This fair has increased by 17 in terms of number of participants according to the first year. In terms of the stand area covered by the participants, we grew by a percentage of 35. There are similar situations at every fair opening in Samsun. Every fair takes place in the next year in a bigger way. As our exhibitions grow, we are increasing our enthusiasm for adding water to Samsun economy. After this exhibition, 10 days after the Book Fair, 2 weeks after the Furniture Fair, it will be a week after the 2 construction fair. 2 1 will make an exhibition in Samsun. The next step in Samsun not only in Turkey, we will be in a determination to make a resounding fair city in the world, "he said.

The entrance is free of charge 2. The Evinleniyoruz Fair will be open between 8-10 February and 10.00-20.00 on February and 11-10.00 on February.

Bridal and fashion houses, organization companies, hotels and restaurants, wedding halls, photo studios, dowry companies, home textiles, furniture, white goods, glassware, kitchen equipment, carpets and decorations, florists, hairdressers and beauty salons, gift items, jewelry and jewelers.

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