First Step in Solving S Plate Problem

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktas, the city of Bursa city center of the city of Bursa, joined the S plate holder traders in the town of 10, took the first step towards solving the problems.

Aiming to turn Bursa into a more livable city, the Metropolitan Municipality has solved the problems of the city for many years. In this context, Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş started to work for the solution of the problems by meeting the tradesmen of the S-plate in the districts connected to Bursa by the law of Tümşehir. President Aktas, who listened to the problems of the tradesmen and received suggestions and suggestions about the problems they experienced, said:

“It was a topic that has been spoken for years“

We talked about the traffic and transportation in Bursa and talked about this subject in detail. It was a topic that had been talked about for years, but couldn't get any distance. For the first time today, we have come together with the tradesmen themselves. We have put forward our calculation methods and they explained their expectations ler.

President Aktaş stated that there are issues that need to be taken into consideration and that this will be evaluated in accordance with the law and added that ç I hope that we will take an approach in the legal framework and we want to take care of the issue that our tradesman is waiting for Başkan.

President of the town center in Bursa with the S plate is impossible to travel and in this case trades of the car reminding that the President Aktas, under the law of the Metropolitan province of Bursa as the central district of all the districts, said they are trying to provide the transformation of service vehicles.



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