Otokar Wins Giant Tender of 400 Buses in Romania

Otokar of Koç Holding won the 400 bus tender in Bucharest City Hall.

Koç Holding won one of the most important global tenders in Turkish automotive history. The tender, which included Otokar owned by Koç Holding, Karsan Automotive Industry owned by Vehbi Koç's son-in-law İnan Kıraç, world giants MAN Truck & Bus AG, and Mercedes-Benz Romania SRL, was concluded. Otokar Europe undertakes the tender for 400 buses. Bucharest Mayor Gabriela Firea announced the result of the tender. 400 buses needed by the capital as a result of the tender announced at the Bucharest City Hall; Otokar will be Euro 6.

The tender price 100 million Euros

The mayor of Bucharest, Gabriela Firea, announced that the tender is about 100 million euros, ie around 500 million TL. Firea, the first 100 bus will be out in traffic until the summer of this year, he added. If the rest of the rest is 300 bus next year will take place on the roads of the capital Bucharest.

White goods plant in Romania

As it is known, Koç Holding has an important place in the Romanian economy. Globalization attack of Arçelik, the white goods company of Koç Holding, shows itself in Romania. As it is known, Arçelik, which incorporated South African Defy for $ 2011 million in 324, and Dawlance for Pakistan for $ 2016 million in 243, launched its giant production facility in Thailand, and started its first global journey in Romania. Arçelik, which entered the Romanian market by buying Artric in 2002, announced that it will establish a washing and dishwasher factory in 2016. In the statement made at that time from Arçelik, it announced that they received 105 million euro incentives for the facility to be established with an investment of 37.5 million euro.

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