Reaction to Gradual Pricing in İZBAN Is Growing

The reaction to the hidden hike made in connection with the gradual wages that will start on February 15 in İZBAN is growing every day. TKP Izmir Provincial Organization collects signatures against the hike by opening a table at IZBAN stations. TMMOB İzmir Provincial Coordination Board made a statement today and said 'Tariff change is not for the public interest, let it withdraw'.

The reaction to the hidden hike in İZBAN, the light rail suburban system, which connects İzmir on the north-south line and operated by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD, is gradually increasing.

The gradual wage system that will start on February 15 and the raise hidden behind this system are met with reaction from the citizens.

Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) Cities Committee, announced the signature campaign by organizing a press conference last Friday to the public.

Members of TKP Izmir Provincial Organization gathered signatures from thousands of Izmir residents against the secret price and the gradual pricing system based on this increase by setting up tables at the central IZBAN stations. Promoting the campaign in the morning and evening hours when the İZBAN stations are busy, TKP members also call on the signatories to fight together and in an organized way.


On the other hand, TMMOB Izmir Provincial Coordination Board has also issued a statement today.

In the explanation, he said:

“It is clear that the new tariff, which is stated to start on February 15 in İZBAN, will cause difficulties for our citizens of İzmir in using their right to transportation, which is their fundamental right, and therefore this practice, which is not in the public interest, should be abandoned.

With the new tariff to be paid to the maximum distance from the transportation cards while riding to İZBAN, citizens will be removed from the station when the restoring validators will be restored to the card if they are available. In this way, queues and confusion will be experienced in front of the validators both at the entrance and at the exit. Forget the cards, forgetfulness and so on. citizens of the citizens who can not read the validator for various reasons will enter into the municipality safe.

In particular, from the outset, we would like to point out that in urban transportation, especially in the rail system, the remuneration according to the distance is an approach incompatible with the concept of social municipality.

With this application, the municipality wants to say to the citizens of Izmir that 'it is not compulsory to go out, not to engage in urban transportation services'. However, urban transportation is also a very important part of the city culture. If people cannot easily reach long distances in the city, if they are forced to live in ghettos, urban culture cannot be formed and spread in that city.

We think that this method, which is applied in provinces such as Istanbul and Ankara, which have no social municipality claims and where rentier municipal understanding prevails, does not suit Izmir, which consists of people who like to live on the streets.

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