Modern Public Transport System in the Army Served

One of the projects of change and transformation of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality was put into service with a ceremony. Thousands of citizens attended the commissioning ceremony at Cumhuriyet Square with the slogan ce Modern Transformation in the Army in the Army katıl.

Approximately 340 near the old public transport vehicle instead of the new 177 new and modern vehicle will serve in the new system in purple white vehicles will be in a uniform clothes, smart card fee payment problems by eliminating the citizens can travel safe and enjoyable. Due to the fact that downloading is done without stopping, the disruptions in traffic will end with the new system.

Ordu Governor Seddar Yavuz, AK Party Ordu deputies Oktay Çanak and Metin Gündoğdu, Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Enver Yılmaz and his wife Yeter Yılmaz, Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Ahmet Çoruh, Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality Bülent Civelek and his wife Nazan Civelek , OSKİ General Manager Fatih Yürük, Chief Prosecutor Mehmet Ayaz, Rector of Ordu University. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç, Provincial Police Director Mehmet Erduğan, Altınordu Mayor Engin Tekintaş, Ak Parti Provincial Chairman Uğur Çelenk, MHP Province President Köksal Yılmaz, Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Asst. J. Yrb. Murat Yılmaz, ORDEF President Celalettin Dervişoğlu and citizens attended.

Following the speech of Ordu Altınordu Minibus and Bus Cooperative Chairman Adem Yavuz, President Enver Yılmaz shared his thoughts and feelings.


2014 President Yilmaz said they were happy to have fulfilled their promise today and said “The transportation structure in our district was so complicated that we carried out this process in the most healthy way X. President Enver Yılmaz, who recalled that a minibus departing from Kumbaşı went to the State Hospital almost at 1.5 hour, said: saat In 2015, we received a professional support for this project. We came together with our driver shopkeepers and said that we should work on new public transportation. They also made a serious run across Turkey and us, 'You're right, we let this work, "he said. Today, with a completely technological system, we have reached today's mass transportation. Hopefully, we will see the deficiencies in the 1 weekly process and operate the process in the best way. Our big buses in the coastal route will be activated as of today. After this transition process, our system will be fully seated. Cumhuriyet Square will now serve as Public Transport Center (TUM). We started the route codes from 52 and put our vehicles in purple and white and offered our world-class service to our citizens. As of today, our army has become an example for other provinces. We brought together the 7 cooperative. We want to include our districts in this system. Our non-residents can use the smart card application on both the ropeway and the smart bikes. Hemş


President Enver Yılmaz, who emphasized that they reached the province of Ordu with the services made, said: t We have started to offer visual beauties in the superstructure of a city whose infrastructure has been completed. In Altinordu district, we got rid of the infrastructure problems and moved to superstructure works. We completed our infrastructure investments in 19 of our 14 district. We haven't even talked about the garbage problem that has taken place in our army for years. We said we're going to remove the garbage problem and we're done. At the full 23 point of our city was garbage dumped in the form of wild storage. While we have solved the trash problem, we will now start producing electricity from the garbage just as we have started to make money. We are implementing our Melek Park Project in the area where the old landfill is. There is a big change in the areas we closed the traffic and renewed its exterior facades. Buildings now have uniform and color harmony, Artık he said.


Chairman of the AK Party Deputy Chairman and Social Policies Öznur Çalık told citizens participating in the ceremony to commemorate the information gathered with him. He said it was. The result of the survey made us happy. As the 83, we will continue to be the province that holds every promise and shows an example in its region. The beautiful Army, where happy people live, will have nice investments. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we reset the debt we have taken over with 2019 million TL. In Turkey, the only non-debt Army Metropolitan UzdUr knowledge. This pride is all of us. With the opening of the ring road and public transportation, there will be great relief in urban traffic. We would like to thank everyone who contributed and contributed to our President, especially Mr. President, and I wish that our public transportation service would be beneficial to our province olmak.

MİLLETVEKİLİ GÜNDOĞDU, 'These services will carry the army to the future M

In his speech, the MP Metin Gündoğdu thanked everyone who contributed to the project, especially Mr. Enver Yılmaz, because of the change made by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality. Ordu province Metropolitan Municipality no longer deserves the services that the deputy Gundogdu said, ığ Thank you very much for our service in public transportation. There is a big change in our army, so thank you. We are going to open the first stage of the Army ring road as of March. These services will carry our city to the future, Bu he said.


MP Oktay Çanak, the province of the province of Ordu, but then the services of the people who saw the silence of the silence when you see the following, Ordu There were politicians saying that being the Metropolitan will damage the Army, but Mr. President, we have said the opposite of this and said that many things will win. Now we are joining these achievements together. This new system prepared after months of work is just one of our achievements. The army is growing both socially and physically. Cross-border operations by Turkey, continues to crack down on terrorist nest. Now Turkey is corrupting the game in a new table. Mr. President and our Commander - in - Chief Recep Tayyip Erdoğan are banging his fist on the table. We will be at the top of every organization that is dangerous to us through cross-border operations. We know about our enemies outside, but the domestic voices of the voices of what should be put into the kebab we do not understand, lar he said.

Governor Yavuz, "Turkey has been a quiet revolution PERFORM"

Army Governor Great Wall Yavuz, President Anwar with great effort in the realization of the new public transport system that enables and contributes Yilmaz thanking everyone, "Turkey is now self-sufficient and is constantly developing countries, especially the defense industry. We are trying to throw shackles to our country, which performs a silent revolution. whatever our ideology, we must strive to become a country where the love of everyone's hands grip handle with Turkey. We are now a rich and prosperous country. Love and love will carry us all together into the future. The only hope of the oppressed, it is Turkey, "he said.

After the speeches, the protocol members cut together the opening ribbon of the new public transportation system. With the discontinuation of the ribbon, a period of public transportation in the province of Ordu was closed and a new era started to be implemented with a modern public transportation system.



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