Detention of 7 People for Harassment of High School Intern Girl at TÜVASAŞ


The high school student, who did an internship at the wagon factory in Sakarya, was harassed by a staff who introduced himself as the doctor of the company under the pretext of examination. 7 people were detained after the investigation.

In Sakarya, an investigation was launched into the harassment of high school student 17-year-old KY at the wagon factory where she went to internship. Following the incident on January 18, it turned out that the management of the TÜVASAŞ factory did not report harassment to the school or judicial units. Sakarya Provincial Director of National Education Pervin Töre and the young girl's family filed a criminal complaint with the prosecutor yesterday.

KY, who made a statement under the supervision of psychologists working at the Provincial Directorate of Family and Social Policies, said that HY, who introduced himself as a doctor when he went to the doctor in his internship, had been harassing him under the pretext of examining him. On the testimony of the young girl, a total of 2 people were detained, including the factory officials, who allegedly did not report the incident to the police although they knew the incident HY with 7 children.

Officials from the Provincial Directorate of Family and Social Policies stated that they would be given psychological support to the victim student and they would be involved in the case.

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Source: Habertürk

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