New Era in the Supervision of Automotive Products

The new regulation on Market Surveillance and Inspection in the Automotive Sector was published in the Official Gazette. Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) held at the information meeting during the new regulation held in the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology General Directorate of Industrial Products Safety and Inspection Uğur Büyükhatipoğlu, 4 new regulations created in the month according to the demands of the business world representatives were prepared.

The new regulation on Market Surveillance and Inspection in the Automotive Sector was held at the Room Service Building. BTSO Board Member İlker Duran, Industry Products Security and Inspection General Manager Uğur Büyükhatipoğlu, Provincial Director of Science, Industry and Technology Latif Deniz, KOSGEB Bursa Provincial Director Erkan Güngör, Ministry experts and sector representatives attended the meeting.


BCCI Board Member Policy Duran, said Bursa is located in one of Turkey's most important production and export center. The heart of the automotive sector, the city of Bursa has the potential of the sector that expresses Duran, the automotive brands in the production of important brands in Bursa last year, 9 billion dollars of exports said that close. İlker Duran said, ler Our city is one of the production bases of our sector with its developed infrastructure, skilled labor force, competitive and strong supply chain. Our 50, with its experience exceeding the year, adds great power to the Turkish automotive industry. We are providing great support to the growth of our sector with the projects that we have implemented as BTSO B.

We took the requests of our firms to the front

Uğur Büyükhatipoğlu, General Director of Industrial Products Safety and Inspection at the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, said that the Regulation on Market Surveillance and Inspection for Automotive Products is closely related to the automotive sector. The new regulation for the 4 month that they are working on expressing Büyükhatipoğlu, X An important regulation for us. We have prepared our regulation for the market surveillance and inspection of automotive products by taking into consideration the demands of our companies together with the sector piyasa.


Uğur Büyükhatipoğlu, General Manager, stated that Bursa has a great potential in the automotive sector and added, Bursa It is also important that we introduce our new regulation in Bursa. The visionary projects implemented by BTSO are very impressive. The projects that add strength to Bursa and our country have been realized by BTSO. I congratulate BTSO for its outstanding performance in macro projects. Mak

At the meeting, Fatih Karagöz, expert in the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, informed the business world representatives about the new regulation.

What does the new regulation bring?

The new regulation aims to contribute to road traffic safety by checking whether the new vehicles and automotive products placed on the market comply with the relevant technical regulations and safety requirements. The procedure for the voluntary recall activities carried out by the companies under the coordination of the Ministry was explained in detail.

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