MOTAŞ Passes Passenger's Pulse

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation and Public Transport Services MOTAŞ AŞ.launched a regular passenger survey each year.

MOTAŞ General Manager: leştir We conduct a survey to observe the reflection of our innovations on our passengers MOT

Entering the 2018 year, innovations in the previous year, the bus, Trambus, private public buses and electric-electronic systems to see the effects of innovations in the passenger survey to start the survey, said the General Manager Enver Sadat Tamgacı shared the following information: We have accelerated our innovations in 2017. Renew our bus fleet; In order to carry our passengers with more comfortable and more comfortable vehicles, we started private public buses within the scope of 'Transformation Project'. During the year, we took ten red buses to operate in the near regions. In addition, we have put in ten new trambus. Again, our first lady passenger in Malatya in Turkey, we launched the special pink TRAMBUS application.

Our institution prioritizes passenger satisfaction and conducts meticulous studies in the field of public transportation. In this context, many changes made in the field of electricity and electronics. We have mounted remote monitoring, traceable systems to our vehicles. We put information screens inside the vehicle. Instant access to the passengers can be transferred to these remote screens. The driver is monitored by high-resolution cameras and the necessary warnings are made at the call center.

In addition, our organization gives great importance to the training of the personnel, and periodically our employees are provided with trainings by specialist trainers in different subjects in a systematic manner. Trainings are given especially on personal development, customer relations, anger control and safe forward driving techniques.

In order to determine the reflection of all these developments to our passengers and the demands of the passenger, we are conducting an survey to an independent organization cular.

According to the results of the survey, the General Manager of MOTAŞ stated that they will guide the changes and investments to be made in 2018.

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