Mersin residents are satisfied with the renewed bus routes

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality has provided safe, comfortable and uninterrupted public transportation services. Mersin residents were very satisfied with the new bus routes and routes.

Especially the night voyages of the voicing satisfaction with the citizens of Mersin, the Metropolitan Municipality at any time of the day to be able to benefit from public transport expressed their satisfaction.

A brand new service from the Metropolitan

Expressing that the service is very new and the citizens will get used to the time, the citizens of Mersin Fikret Abaş said, getiren We are very pleased that every new service is in the best interest of our people. Routes and routes were renewed. The service is now very new, but citizens will soon get used to it. Increasing the number of night flights, especially the increase of hospital flights was very good. I would like to thank our Mayor for his services teşekkür.

”I was scared when the routes changed, but the number of lines was quite good“

Zeynep Topaloglu, who teaches in Mersin, said: in I liked the work of the Metropolitan Municipality. I'm constantly using the municipal bus. Because I'm just going to the school where I work. I am very happy with the new routes. First I was scared when the routes changed, but the number of lines to increase the number of night flights was very good for us, İlk he said.

”You can even go to Istanbul with these buses“

Us I am very pleased with the new routes and routes, us said Havas Sarius, who used the new routes and lines and was very satisfied. I just used this service. It is so comfortable and comfortable that you can even go to Istanbul with these buses. We love our president. May God make him easy Allah.

Mersinli Sevgi Cengizoğlu expressed his satisfaction with the renewed routes and added lines. I We can travel with new vehicles and this new order in a comfortable way. We thank Burhanettin Kocamaz, Mayor of Mersin, who provided us this opportunity. We did beautiful works in every area, whether on buses, at bus stops. I'm comfortable and I'm very glad. Especially with the camera system, good precautions were taken against any evil. Women are very favorable, the rights of women defend our rights very well. May God bless our Mayor for the value given to us and his people. Biz

Nejat Kayahan, a retired citizen who stated that he was using municipal buses in the trip, said: ah Since we are retired, we use it occasionally but we are getting sick. Increasing the number of flights would be very helpful for us. In any case, when we get sick in the night, we don't have a car and they're fine. A very nice application for the people, Halk he said.

Büyükşehir produces solutions according to the needs of Mersin

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, which continues to produce solutions in order to meet the needs of rapidly developing Mersin, has added new bus lines to 8 transportation network in order to terminate the problems of citizens in public transportation for many years and renewed the existing bus routes.

Having realized that the public transportation routes and routes that have been implemented for many years did not come to Mersin, the Metropolitan Municipality, together with Mersin University, has provided the Mersinites with new public transportation routes and routes as a result of their studies and researches.

Old routes and lines were not enough to Mersin

In addition to the combined lines, the new routes formed by the Metropolitan Municipality, which wants to eliminate the passenger density on the lines, delighted the residents of Mersin. Within the scope of the works where all lines have been revised, 8 was added to the new line transportation network for the busy routes. The Metropolitan Municipality provides public transportation services by means of 65 or 210 vehicles throughout the province with its renewed routes and new lines that it adds to the transportation network.

In order to prevent the problems that may occur in the application of the route and route started, citizens can examine the Bus Lines Guide prepared in order to learn the lines and new numbers that will be used by the citizens. Also citizens are the official website of the Metropolitan Municipality of Mersin www.mersin.bel.t is From 444 2 153 0324 234 17 18 0324 234 17 19 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX.



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