The Metrobus 2 Solid Price Pays

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council decided not to raise a large part of the İBB wage tariffs in 2018. Is the metrobus ticket prices included in this scope? How much is the metrobus fee? Here are the 2018 metrobus ticket prices…

Metrobus pricing is as in the following table. Metrobüste "pay as you go" system is valid.

1 From July 2017 the same tariff is valid. Old tariff in the table with a faint color, the new tariff is written in bold. Citizens of 65 are free to take advantage of metrobus and other public transport.



In order to benefit from the gradual pricing of the Metrobust (Pay as you go), you need to read your card / akbilinizi this device when you get off the metrobus. Otherwise, you will be charged the longest distance from your akbilinizi and you cannot undo the difference. For example, you will pay 3 TL when you go to 1,95 with Metrobus and you will pay 3,85 TL.


Gradual charge night is not valid between 24: 00 - 06: 00 hours. Between these hours, you pay 3,85 TL every time you take the metrobus.

You cannot benefit from the transfer discount when you take the metrobus from another transportation vehicle. However, if you take another transportation vehicle after the metrobus (in 2 hours), you can benefit from the transfer discount.

Over the age of 65 citizens enjoy free use of the metro and all other public transport.

If you are not in Istanbul card or akbilin, you can buy 1, 2, 3, 5 and 10 reusable cards for one of the Akbil filling buffets located at metrobus stops. But these cards are much more expensive than the normal price.

Source : NEW ŞAFAK

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