Kanal Istanbul Can Be The Liberation Of The City

Design co-founder and architect Murat Kader said that if Kanal Istanbul is evaluated correctly, the project will be the salvation of Istanbul.

Located between the leading architect of Turkey and two Design's founder and architect Murat Fate channel to reduce density in the Istanbul Istanbul project, the park, he said it was an important opportunity to improve social areas such as a garden.

According to the news in the Dünya Newspaper; Architect Murat Kader, the city of Istanbul Canal project and expressed that Turkey is an opportunity to change the history. Destiny, "by providing for the recovery of the lost areas in the city center and we can become a symbol of Turkey. If the infrastructure of this project is planned correctly, if the transfer of the density in the city center can be transferred to the Canal Istanbul region, the density in the center can be reduced, and the density of social reinforcement areas and public spaces can be increased. ” said.

Parks and gardens in the center of the city can be recovered

“In this sense, Kanal Istanbul can be the salvation of Istanbul.” "This mega project will be a project that will mark history." Noting that it is necessary to think about nature, history, social facilities, all requirements in a detailed and macro manner during planning, Kader said, “We are currently implementing urban transformation projects in the most central regions of Istanbul. We design one of them as a company, we lead its transformation.

It is planned to increase the drop of this project area in the center of the city and to construct a zoning right under the 30 of the current precedent in the area where the project is located. The rest of the area, like the Kanal Istanbul project, is being discussed in order to move the city to the newly developed planned areas and to build it there. These and similar examples will be very much in the new period. Thus, urban regeneration will be possible without increasing the intensity of urban centers.

Urban transformation is a struggle for liberation

Comparing the urban transformation to the struggle in the war of liberation, Murat Kader said, “The state provided us with all kinds of possibilities and made the necessary laws and regulations. With each passing day, he reacted rapidly to every positive or negative development, made incentives and arrangements and continues to do so. Examine the laws in countries where urban transformation is exemplified. They are not so democratic, free and flexible. This has to be managed properly. Urban transformation should be started on a country basis. Everybody, including the end user, should make this struggle about where they live. The real estate sector feeds over 200 sub-sectors. The state also offers many opportunities. An urban individual wants to live in cities with the maximum level of natural and cultural assets, where the lost reinforcement areas are restored, social opportunities are increased, infrastructure and transportation services are resolved at a modern level. This is only possible with this struggle for liberation. ”

We use domestic materials in our overseas projects

To date, the 35 million square meters of projects that they are reminding reminding Kader, 80 and above that they produce with domestic products stressed. Kader also stated that they have developed and continued to develop projects in 16 country in 24 country so far. Proje Project owners prefer to use domestic products due to product quality. We are very pleased with this. Biz

We can double the UK this year in house sales

Reminding that Turkey 2017 million 1 thousand housing units sold in 409, architect Murat Fate, "is sold in the UK last year was 874 thousand houses. When we pass the 2017 figure and set a new record this year, we will almost double the UK total house sales figure. ”

Source : I www.dunya.co



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