İzmirliler Against New System in İZBAN

'Plus Money' period in IZBAN began painful. Those who do not have enough money in their cards, in the contour machines, those who want to unblock the 'Plus Money' machines waited in front of the queue

The 'Pay as you go' era began in İZBAN, which carries passengers on the 136 km railway line between Aliağa and Selçuk. Yesterday early in the morning, many citizens who made their way to İZBAN stations created long queues in front of the toll booths and automatic contour loading machines since there was not enough balance in their cards. In order to prevent the citizens from getting off the train to remove the blockage in their cards in order not to lose their rights, a clutter in the stations where announcements were made frequently took place in front of the 'Plus Money machines' at the station exits. Citizens whose journey has ended have read the Izmir Plus cards to the 'Plus money' machines placed at the station exits, thereby reducing the price in return for the distance traveled from the blocked price at the first boarding. The system consists of two stages. Accordingly, in order for a passenger to board İZBAN, the transportation fee of the station at the farthest distance from the station to which he will be able to go must be found as a balance on İzmirim Card. While the passenger passes through the turnstile, the transportation fee of the farthest station that he can go to is blocked on his card. If the passenger has traveled up to 25 kilometers, at the exit, he shows his card "Plus Money Machine" and unblocks his card. According to the new system, the transportation fee is collected from the citizen only as far as it travels. According to the new tariff, which was launched in January, a fee of 25 TL from the citizen, 2,86 TL from the teacher, 2,20 TL from the age of students and 60 will be deducted. If the trip is more than 1,65 kilometers, the block will be removed by collecting 25 cents per kilometer from full tickets, 7 cents from teachers, and 5 cents from students and 60-year tickets. Accordingly, the passengers who make their first boarding from Alsancak Station have to be charged at the distance of Alsancak-Selçuk, which is the farthest point to go, ie 4 TL. Different fees are blocked at each station on the 6,50 km long İZBAN Line. Accordingly, the fee is collected from the citizens who get off the train from Selçuk and get off the train in Aliağa. Under the new system, a citizen who travels from the beginning of the 136-kilometer line to the end pays 136 liras and 10 cents.

Some citizens have had short discussions with each other and security guards from time to time. Retired from Şirinyer, retired Celal Uzun said, “I came here from outside of Izmir. I give 10 lira for where I am going. I give money to the card separately. I put separate money in it. They should remove this system as soon as possible. I was thinking of settling in Izmir. I no longer plan to settle when I see such things. Because of this new system, I am about to miss my plane. I will go to Sanliurfa from Izmir. ” Ufuk Kurtoğlu said, “Before I boarded İZBAN from Menemen, I loaded 12 liras on my card. I came to Sirinyer. I have 5.97 lira left on my card. It used to be 2.86 lira, now I paid 6 lira. When we calculate this monthly, the round trip makes 360 pounds per month. It is a pity. ”

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