Izmir Metropolitan, laid the foundation of Selçuk Bus Station

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality laid the foundation of the bus station that will serve Selçuk, one of the important centers of tourism, with a ceremony. President Aziz Kocaoglu ceremony, "Today Izmir, not only recognized in many parts of the world and is known in Turkey; growing, leaping, local democracy is best implemented, it does not interfere with people's way of life, and urban consciousness stands out as a growing city. But everybody knows well that we are at the beginning of the road in Izmir. ”

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which is one of Turkey's most important tourist locations gave the start to build a modern bus station in Selcuk.

The foundation of Selçuk Otogarı, which attracts attention with its architecture and equipment, was laid with a ceremony. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, CHP Provincial Chairman Deniz Yücel, Mayor of Selcuk Asst.Prof.Dr. Dahi Zeynel Bakıcı, Balçova Mayor Mehmet Ali Çalkaya, Bornova Mayor Olgun Atila, Güzelbahçe Mayor Mustafa İnce, Bayındır Mayor. Ufuk Audience, Tire Mayor Tayfur Cicek and Konak Mayor Sema Pekdaş and councilors and mukhtars attended.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, mayors, opinion leaders and civil society organizations working together in unity to try to develop Izmir, he said. Turkey bringing development to the local municipality and 'a mayor he is also responsible for the city's development. Reminded that they are the first municipality to say 'This is the main task,' said President Hussein, belir 2005 year in the road map and the strategic plan, we came to this point without interruption. Today Izmir, not only recognized in many parts of the world and is known in Turkey; Growing, leaping, local democracy is the best practice, people do not interfere with the way of life and urban life is growing a bit more and more emerging as a city. But everyone should know that we are at the beginning of the road in Izmir, "he said.

Being a single body
Noting that the politics will be done all the time, but the day is not the day of politics, President Aziz Kocaoglu said: getiren Today, the Turkish Army should be supported for the indivisible integrity of the country. In Afrin, Syria, a very important test is given for the future and indivisible integrity of the country.

Our Turkish Armed Forces are at war. During the 2 days we passed through İzmir, we saw our 1250 soldiers and police to Afrin. This struggle is the struggle of our country not to be divided and to ensure territorial integrity. Today, we see the game played in Iraq and Syria. This game will come to our country. then he will go to Iran. The Middle East and this geography will be redesigned. That's the plan. With this awareness, we must struggle against the forces trying to design the world for the destruction of this game as a single body against the imperialists.

Here defend the territorial integrity of Syria, but also to Turkey's division means to defend its territorial integrity. That's why all of our fellow citizens should support as a single body. Bu

Investment in civilization
Çok All roads lead to civilization, districts that live in a very important and happy day, voicing Selcuk Mayor Zeynel Bakici, ”all services on the road to civilization is sacred. I would like to thank to President Aziz Kocaoğlu who fulfilled every wish in this respect. Like every other service to be made to Selçuk, the bus station will be very suitable for our district. The services made here are in a culture of consensus. The duty of all of us is to protect Selçuk as a pearl. We are working for this task. Boutique, archeological and urban sites are a district with many Selcuk and we also have to achieve growth, development without destroying the ecological balance, Butik he said.

VIP Bus Station
Selçuk Bus Terminal, whose project has been prepared considering the intense tourist potential of the district, which has important riches such as Ephesus, Virgin Mary and Sirince, will be a very special place both visually and functionally. The facility, designed in accordance with all current regulations with the 'user friendly' design approach established in the İsabey neighborhood, will also respond to all needs of disabled people. The facility, which will be built on a 10 thousand square meter land owned by the Metropolitan Municipality, will also be the departure base for city buses and minibuses.
The new bus station to be built in Selçuk will meet the transportation needs of the district with its 16 minibuses, 15 bus platforms, and will support this function with its qualified and spacious waiting areas, social and commercial areas such as cafes, kiosks, markets and ticket sales offices, indoor and outdoor car parks for approximately 100 vehicles. .

108 million pounds investment in Selçuk
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality 2004 108 million years since the investment amount was £ 1 million. Some of the important investments made are as follows;

• 85 thousand 242 tons of hot asphalt poured, 135 km production path was made.
• 90 thousand square meters of hardwood flooring.
• Selçuk Culture Center was built on a square area of ​​1473. The center opened in 2014 also includes a meeting room, training rooms and a library, as well as a conference room.
• 4 million 880 thousand pounds were expropriated.
• 7 bee hive 28 bee hive and 14 tool beekeeping equipment were given to the 7 manufacturer in order to spread beekeeping in Cumhuriyet, İsabey, Belevi, Gökçealan, Zeytinköy and Barutçu neighborhoods. In addition, 23 pieces were distributed to 46 pieces.
• 25 was distributed to 93 producer, 226 soil analysis was carried out by 351 manufacturer.
• tahmin Agricultural estimation and early warning system ür was introduced for producers in Selçuk. The producers had information such as temperature, air humidity, rainfall, wind speed and direction, soil temperature, sunshine and soil moisture for their lands through SMS.
• Stone harvesting machine, laser leveling machine, tractor, manure removal machine, sprayer machine with 2000 liter capacity, pneumatic seed drill machine, fertilizer spreader, corn silage machine, 5 pieces olive harvesting machine, branch shredding machine, hydraulic sensor milling machine was introduced to the service of manufacturers.
• Within the scope of dı Afforestation Project anı, 42 thousand fruit saplings were distributed to producers.
• 'DeppoEfes', the largest fruit packaging and storage facility in the Aegean Region, was put into service with the cooperation of Selçuk Municipality.
• Within the scope of İZBAN line, stations and overpasses were built.
• 92 km drinking water network was constructed. 97 km. more drinking water network will be made.
• 6.5 km sewerage network, 2.6 km stream rehabilitation and railing were manufactured.
• 5 meter stream cleaning was performed in the last 48.579 year.
• 3 boreholes were opened.
• 6 bin 930 Selcuk Solid Waste Transfer Station, which was established in square meters, will work with a completely closed system and can be transferred to 2 TIR at the same time. The station will be completed in April.



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