İZBAN Employees Are Being Fucked

In the Izmir suburb, the period of the plus money infuriated the citizens. The reactions were directed to İZBAN employees instead of municipal authorities and State Railways. There were wounded events. Demir-İş union entered the circuit, sent information to members about the new system.

The plus money system in Izmir's transportation system made the citizens mad. The reactions turned into physical intervention and the employees of İZBAN started to be assaulted.

The examples are striking.

With the new system in IZBAN, the distance that was previously 2 lira 86 kurus is now 10 lira 60 kurus. Discussions and reactions do not stop at every station…

Instead of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and the management of the railways, the people's anger is removed from IZBAN employees. After the insult, threat, pressure, violence began. Demir Yol - IS unions announced that the employees of IZBAN were victims. Both the members of the public to inform the new system was prepared to tell you the system.

Source : www.ulusal.com.t is



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