Prohibited Doing This in Metrobus and Tram Stops

📩 20/12/2018 18:12

In addition to the positive consequences of the smoking ban, which has been implemented since July 19, 2009, some impatient smokers insisted on smoking in the banned areas and started to exasperate non-smokers. Cigarettes smoked in front of the hospital and in closed areas, especially in the metrobus and bus stations, rebelled. From the cafes to the bus stops, from the front of the hospital to the large business centers, the grave situation in the smoking ban that was drilled publicly stunned. 10 smokes out of every 3 people in Turkey. With the ban, the number of cigarette addicts, which fell to 15 million, increased to 17 million over the years.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan also supported the sight of a smoker to take the package to receive a great suggestion to leave the media is constantly reflected in the media. Recently, however, the smoking ban began to be drilled in the mass-used areas. Cafes, buses, metrobus, trams, taxis, minibuses, large business centers and in front of the public in the public smoking position was reached.

In order not to lose customers in cafes, while ashtray applications are being done, drinkers who are impatient at metrobus stops smoking cigarettes regardless of other passengers. Minibuses and taxis in the drivers during the journey by burning his cigarette out of the glass by smoking his arms in the door in hospitals immediately before the patients entered and take out air to smoke smoking. In addition, such as Perpa large Ishanlarının put into the middle of the cigarette ashtray waste bins are virtually banned.


In order to catch up with work in the morning or to go home from work in the evenings, the ban on the smoking ban at metrobus stations, which are intensively used by Istanbulites, infuriates non-smoker passengers and especially families with children. Metrobüs, bus, tram stops, although there are banned forbidden plates around the area because of a few impatient tiryaki smoking for some passengers is almost poison.

In Turkey, major steps were taken to reduce the harm of smoking and tobacco products. First, cafes and restaurants were then also banned from consuming smoking and tobacco products in public life areas. These bans were also included in the scope of public transport vehicles and the stops we were waiting for. However, some non-smokers who use public transportation in Istanbul, this ban is open to people who do not infuriate non-smokers at the stops.

Bus, metrobus, tram and subway stops are among the areas covered by smoking ban. IETT stops all around Istanbul and there are signs and warning signs that smoking is forbidden. Nonetheless, some non-smokers who use public transport during the day do not comply with this prohibition and are disturbed by non-smokers.


“According to the law numbered 4207, smoking is prohibited in public places open to the public. In this context, smoking is prohibited at IETT stops. The relevant ban is valid in areas that are used by the society intensively, and in places such as waiting lounges and lobbies, and the ban sign must be attached. ” While the law is so clear and clear, some people smoking in the stops without waiting just a few more minutes infuriates other people traveling. Especially while waiting for the bus queue, the insensitivity of smokers near or in front of families with children has now reached the line level.

Source : Yeni Şafak

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