Nostalgic Tram 104 Age Of Istanbul Icon

The 104th birthday of Nostalgic Tram, which is the indispensable part of İstiklal Street and the gift of İETT to the people of Istanbul, was celebrated. In commemoration of the 104th anniversary of the electric trams, known as "Istanbul Trams" during the years they served, and serving Istanbul residents for fifty years, two separate exhibitions were held at the Karaköy and Beyoğlu stations of Tünel, telling the history of the trams.

The 104th birthday of the Nostalgic Tram, which started its journey again after the renovation works on İstiklal Street, was celebrated in Tünel Square. IETT General Manager Dr. Ahmet Bağış, Deputy General Manager Dr. Hasan Özçelik, employees and citizens of the institution attended.

IETT General Manager Dr. The celebration, which started with Ahmet Bağış's opening speech and cake cutting, ended with a salep offering and a nostalgic tram-themed souvenir pillow distribution. Nostalgic trolley electric trolley with representatives of both today and in Istanbul as well as voicing İETT become a symbol of Turkey's General Manager Dr. IETT Ahmet Bağış said, “Today is the 104th anniversary of electric trams in Istanbul. In those years, serving today with representatives of both electric tram Nostalgic Tram İETT both of Istanbul if Turkey icon. We celebrate the new age of our Nostalgic Tram and wish it many more years with us. " He spoke in the form.

Symbol of Istanbul, Favorite of Tourists

The electric trams, which were commissioned in 1871 after the horse trams (1914), which are considered to be the militaries of public transportation in Istanbul, serve for 50 year on both sides of the city. In the early years of 1960, it is replaced by trolleybuses. When the year shows 1990, it starts to re-enter Tünel-Taksim line as an expression of longing for the past. This situation is very happy for Istanbulites, but especially the former passengers. Nostalgic tram, in a short time become the focus of attention of domestic-foreign tourists. This interest carries the Nostalgic Tram to the top of the list of the most photographed objects in the world.



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