6 of the 4 Metro Lines Canceled in Istanbul Will Continue with the Additional Protocol

Speaking at the ceremony of meeting the tunnels of the Dudullu-Bostancı Metro Line built between Dudullu and Bostancı, Mayor Uysal said, “Our goal is to make the subways very quickly and to solve the transportation problems of Istanbul. Therefore, we decided to continue by making an additional protocol with 6 of the 4 metro lines that were canceled. Our negotiations on 2 lines are continuing. ”

President Uysal continued his speech by emphasizing that they have 2023 kilometers of metro targets in Istanbul until 1000 and they work day and night in this direction: “Our subway constructions in Istanbul do not end before 5-6 years. We want our subways to finish very fast. At present, one of our company, which is here, is one of the 6 metro tenders canceled, Kirazlı-Halkalı part of our company. We invited the companies and said, 'We want the metro constructions to be completed very quickly.' Companies, 'We have contracts. We are already doing it, 'they said. Then we sent a cancellation letter. They all came. And they asked what we wanted from us. We said, 'We want it to end on time.' While the subways in the world end in an average of 3-4 years, why do we end in 7-8 years? Why do we always go around the upper limits? ” We asked the question.

-We Decided To Continue With The Additional Protocol With 6 Of The 4 Canceled Lines -
President Uysal stated that they provided them with reasons that “the expropriation did not result quickly and the necessary permissions from institutions such as the Council of Monuments were delayed because the necessary permits were not received very quickly” and continued as follows: The work of the municipalities. We said to the companies, 'As a municipality, we should do our job, and as a contractor company, do your job'. Company officials said they would be pleased with this. When we look, things are accelerated when communication is done correctly and when things are done and there is planning. Therefore, if the construction part of Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey Metro Line is finished in time, the end of 2018 will be finished at the beginning of 2019. We have committed to this and we make additional protocols. We have reached an agreement on the rapid completion of the Göztepe-Ataşehir-Ümraniye Line, which is currently underway, after the Üsküdar-Ümraniye Line, which we opened, before the Çekmeköy section. In other words, we decided to continue with an additional protocol with 6 of the 4 metro lines canceled. So with the other two Halkalı- We are working with a revenue-generating project according to the new method with a route change on the Bahçeşehir Metro Line. We will shape it in at least two months. Likewise, if we agree with the producer company on Pendik-Tuzla Metro Line, with a small route change, we will continue on the same tender. ”

- Our Priority
The biggest share in the budget of the IMM is reserved for transportation and the biggest problem of those who live in Istanbul 'Istanbul Traffic seen voicing President Uysal, "Our goal is to accelerate our work in the subway and a moment ago to serve our citizens," he said.

“We plan to hold tenders for at least three lines by the end of 2018 on new routes. We want to increase the length of the metro to 2023 kilometers in Istanbul in 1000 by making all the tenders. Of course, there may be changes to the previous plans and routes. However, in the previous studies, when the 1027 kilometer long metro is completed in Istanbul, a study was made to solve the city transportation problem. It can also be 1100 or more with new ones. But in 2023, we aim to make Istanbul the city with the longest metro line in the world. Metro is very important for Istanbul. For him, transportation will continue to be our top priority. ”

President Uysal also thanked the workers and technical staff for the invisible heroes of the subways and took a souvenir photo.



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