Escalator in Istanbul Metro

In the metro stations used by thousands of people a day in Istanbul, citizens encounter repeated malfunctions in escalators and moving walks.

Millions of public transport in the city's main backbone to reach the metro stations in recent days began to become troubled. Istanbul residents who want to catch up with their homes in subway stations 'This is temporarily out of service' is confronted with the warning.

Especially in the morning and evening hours, the metro station, which is used intensively, has to make an intensive effort to reach the metro. The reason for this is the entrance to the subway and stations, and especially the failures of walking stairs and bands that have been repeated for a long time at the exits.

When citizens return home from tired argin work, dozens of stairs to exit the cause of the reaction is causing. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality White Table officials to intervene in case of contact with them to notify the situation of the dozens of cameras to watch the metro lines more frequently watched the moment brings to mind.

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