After Hasan Çavuş Lost in Work Accident


It is likely ..

Hasan CAVUS, who is in charge of his time in the morning as he has done for years.

He came to the tunnel where light was seen in the end.

The thesis reached the bitter news Tez

One more can go, raya, traverse, balasta, makasa in love ..

How many hopes, dreamed of how a peaceful retirement life stuck between the tunnel and the makeshift pier hayal
When you write “Look out,“ he says, ip Look out, ip and come to the road. Or if you have a little resistance, you've also choked. Old

While writing the? Very Heavy and Dangerous Work baştan in the bold books while the definition of the profession is being made, it is possible to think, manufacture and use the wheel, which meets as a tapered cone since 1856.

Ray's bandage law epaulet will walk to the future with the staff, not the skill, experience, epauled staff with plenty afilli staff olet

When it comes to rail in the field, experience and experience dominates all sorts of diplomas.

Hasan Çavuşu, people who love him and this profession on the shoulders of people who love the souls of eternal life.

A life lost as a result of the lack of systemlessness and ignorance of the ignorance should mean much more than the number that is missing in the corridors of the institution.

In this age where security is gaining importance day by day, and technology and science are progressing faster than ever, the medieval period of view is no longer worthy of us.

Is this the control organization or the angle of the sorum look en that runs under the unequivocally clamps?

We will be pursuing justice in all channels of law so that our colleague Hasan Çavuş as YOLDER and not other Hasan Çavuşlar.

Sorry for your loss…

Yolder President Özden POLAT



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