Ministry of Customs Announces Import and Export Figures

According to unofficial temporary foreign trade data of the Ministry of Customs and Trade, exports increased by 10,79 percent and imports increased by 38,01 percent in January, while the foreign trade deficit rose by 108,54 percent to $ 9,06 billion.

Export% 10,79, imports% 38,01 increased

Exports increased by 2018 10,79 billion 12 million in January, 464 in January compared to the same month of the previous year, while imports of 38,01 billion 21 million dollars was 518 billion. Foreign trade volume increased by 26,60 by 33 by 982 billion 57,9 million dollars. The ratio of exports to imports was% XNUMX.

Locomotive sector in export Automotive

Milyon Motor vehicles, tractors, bicycles, motorcycles, other land vehicles X section (2018 billion 1 million dollars), N Boilers, machinery, mechanical devices and tools, nuclear reactors ihraç (829 billion 1 million) dollar) and atı Iron and Steel dolar (160 million dollars) followed exports.

The most imported product group En Mineral fuels En

X Mineral fuels, mineral oils and products derived from their distillation X (2018 billion 3 million dollars), which was the most imported in January of 627, ıtıl Precious or semi-precious stones, precious metals, pearls, imitation jewelery, metal coins X ( 2 million 371 million dollars) and N Boilers, machinery, mechanical devices and instruments, nuclear reactors ar (2 billion 288 million dollars) was followed by imports.

Exports to Germany, China's leader in imports

2018 3 1 347 746 743 XNUMX Germany (XNUMX million million dollars), England (XNUMX million dollars) and Italy (XNUMX million dollars).

The first three countries with the highest imports are; The People's Republic of China (2 billion 176 million dollars), Russia (2 billion 45 million dollars) and Germany (1 billion 630 million dollars) took place.

Significant increase in the number of active companies by January

As of January 2018, the number of active companies increased by 16.129 compared to the previous month and reached 1.813.035. The number of people registered in the State Registration System is 43.479 and the number of notifications is 13.212.443. The number of tradesmen and craftsmen was 1.812.702. During this period, there are 12.036 cooperatives in general as Turkey. As of December 2017, the total number of tradesmen and craftsmen using 50% interest discount and 100% interest discount (interest-free) loans was 447.854.

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