Giresun Deputy Defended Trabzon Railway in Parliament

Bülent Yener Bektaşoğlu, CHP Giresun Deputy, criticized the cancellation of Trabzon - Tirebolu - Torul railway while carrying Giresun's problems to the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

Bektaşoğlu, in his speech, touched upon the problems of the province's unemployment, immigration and tradesmen. We are stuck between the developing provinces. We're like town iy

Bektaşoğlu, who started his speech by commemorating the martyrs of Afrin and expressing his condolences, said:, In Çanakkale, in the liberation war, in the establishment of the Republic, in the survival of the Republic, giving life and blood to the homeland, the Giresuns are at the forefront and in the fight against terrorism they fulfill their duty. He would have liked to have such a glorious history of raising heroes Giresun, a veteran title, a medal of honor to be seen too. I wish to take this into account. But the name of our city is not even put on the road signposts. You can not see Giresun name from Ankara, Istanbul. There is no such a city. Böyle

Bektaşoğlu said that he could not get the state services he deserved, and said: taş Giresun is a poor city, a city of problems. During this period of power, we were poor, poor and deprived. Our city was trapped between the other developing and developing provinces of the country and it became almost like a town. The most promising. The only reason for migration is unemployment. Currently in our city 29 bin 816 registered unemployed. 100 about a thousand of our citizens, the same and with the help of cash. 15 almost every public private sector institutions closed and replaced the new ones did not open. Therefore, about 12 thousand people were deprived of working çalışmak

Stating that the Black Sea wants to connect the Black Sea to the Central Anatolia, the Southeast and the Mediterranean through the high trade route, the CHP MP Bektaşoğlu, Görele-Çanakçı, Dereli, Batlama, Güce-Kovanlık-Aydındere stated that the roads could not be completed in the 15 years in in the next election is held on to make promises. Is there any other way in the highway network that hasn't been done for so long? Karayolu he asked.

Asking why the tender for the South Ring Road of Giresun was not done, Bektaşoğlu said, ın For some reason, it has not been able to get a tender for five years. Even the 45 mileage is seeing us a lot. X Bülent Bektaşoğlu also criticized the cancellation of the Torul-Tirebolu-Trabzon railway project and said, ini We will continue to seek and fight for the railway. This is our most natural right. Bu

CHP deputy Bektaşoğlu, the province also suffered from deprivation of health services, the districts of some important branches of doctors do not have the expression of the hizmet University of research and application hospital is a non-iliz. However, we can not accommodate even the 30 bin of our 10 thousand university students. However, during this period of power in our province; The questionable, controversial methods were transferred to TOKI. Although there is no need for housing housing, shopping centers are planned. I don't think there is a rent in the dormitory when there is no rent, Yurt he said.

Iy 15 is a province that has received the lowest share in terms of the budgets prepared for years, Giresun is the province with the least share of the province. Il Bektasoglu continued his speech: 40 around the thousand tradesmen, the bank, credit debt in the grip. Because the business volume is very high, our third court of law was also established. With the 94 HEPP project under the name of electricity generation, streams, water resources are invaded and plundered but electricity transmission and distribution lines 35 is a medieval city that is not renewed for decades, twenty centimeters in the snow, Giresun. 32 is a province that is waiting for natural gas for years, because the subcontractor has left work in Giresun. Giresun is a province that gives support to the AKP in every period up to 9s but cannot receive the service for this support. No non-occupation period, as the day of salvation for the salvation of Giresun, I think it depends on the 65 get rid of Turkey's AKP ".

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