Intense Interest From The Giant Firms

Turkey's leading companies participated in the pre-qualification tender for the 15,6-kilometer Gebze Metro Line held by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. Giant tenders such as the 3rd Airport, Osmangazi Bridge and Izmir Highway, Ankara-Istanbul YHT Line, Dubai Metro kazanCompanies such as Gülermak, Nurol, Kolin, Cengiz, Özaltın, Doğuş, İçtaş, TAV Tepe Akfen also applied for prequalification for the Gebze Metro.


Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, Gebze-Darica took the first step in the Metro Line. A tender was held at the Assembly Hall of the Main Service Building of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality for the pre-qualification tender for the construction of the Gebze Metro Line. The 15 business partnership participated in the pre-qualification tender. Secretary General İlhan Bayram and Deputy Secretary General Mustafa Altay and Doğan Erol followed the tender.


Companies participating in the Gebze Metro pre-qualification tender carried out giant projects in our country and in the world. Makyol Construction Istanbul Metro III. Stage IV. Levent-Ayazağa Section, Gülermak Construction Sabiha Gökçen - Kaynarca Metro Line Construction Work, Dubai Metro Expo 2020 Construction Work, Poland Warsaw Metro Line 2 Construction Work, Kolin Construction Gayrettepe-Istanbul New Airport Metro Line Construction, Nurol Construction Ümraniye-Ataşehir-Göztepe Metro Project, Arifiye - Sincan Railway Project, Ayaş Tunnel, Doğuş Construction Üsküdar - Ümraniye - Çekmeköy Metro Line Construction Work - Bulgaria Sofia Metro Extension Project Construction Work, Ankara - İzmir High Speed ​​Train Project Construction Work, Yüksel İnşaat Ankaray Light Rail System Line, Doha / KATAR Metro RTC / 074/2013 South Red Line Elevated and Level Crossing Metro Construction Work, Construction Center Construction Qatar Doha Metro Construction Work, Algeria Sidi Bel Abbes Tram Line Construction Work, Algeria Setif Tram Line Construction Work, Morocco Casablanka Tram Line 2nd Section Construction Work, Özaltın Construction Çekmeköy - Sancaktepe - Sultanbeyli Metro & Sarıgazi (Hospital) - Taşdelen - Newborn Metro, Sivas - Erzincan High Speed ​​Railway Project Section IPalu - Genç - Muş Railway Line Supply Project and Construction Work, Mapa İnşaat Kralkızı Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant, İkizcetepeler Dam, TAV Tepe Akfen Construction Atatürk International Airport, Cairo, Tbilisi, Gazipaşa Batumi, Adnan Menderes, Esenboğa Airports, İÇTAŞ İnşaat İstanbul 3 ST Petesrburg Bridge, one of the partners of the Bosphorus Bridge and the North Marmara Highway, Ordu-Giresun, Antalya Airport.


After the tender, the General Secretary of the Metropolitan Municipality İlhan Bayram said, ehir It is a very important day for Kocaeli. The biggest tender ever made by the Metropolitan Municipality. It was an important need of our city. We made the preliminary qualification tender of our project. 15 company exhibited. 7 of these companies will pass to the second stage with qualification. One of Turkey's leading companies have the largest firms. We are happy in this sense. Here are the companies that know the business. I hope the 7 of them will elect a commission. And in a short time we're going to stage two. We will give 40 a day to prepare for the companies that are qualified. We plan to make the second tender in the second half of March. We want to start the construction of the subway in the first half of this year. God willing, our country will be good, lah he said.


Bayram also evaluated the integration to Istanbul,. Gebze Marmaray Station will be our common point in Gebze OSB station will take you to Sabiha Gokcen Airport. These studies are in the process of processing plans. In this context, we plan to integrate our metropolis into Istanbul. Our tender was for 4 and a half year project. We will provide the financing as a metropolitan. A monthly payment of around $ 50 Million will be made. This is an important financial event. This project shows that Kocaeli is out in a top league. Bu


Bimhol Construction + Demce Building + Bestas Building + Efecemler Construction

Young Construction + Yüksel Construction + Dentaş Construction + Özka İnş.

Stroytransgaz Inc. + Güriş Construction + GLS Construction

Pers Inc. + Asmin Construction + Kuzu AŞ

Denk As + Özgün İnş.

Makyol Construction + IC İçtaş Construction + Astur Construction

Dbh Yo Ash + Gürbağ Construction + Yedgöze Construction + Teb Ener. AS + Ohitan Construction

Cengiz İnş. + SSC İnş.

KMB Metro İnş. + Kutlutaş Inc. + Çelikler Construction + YSE Yap AŞ.

Gülermak Construction + Doğuş Construction + Nurol İnş.

Galgic Ray + Metrostav Construction + Tamyap Ac. + Fernas Construction + Image Infrastructure

Construction Center + Özaltın Construction + Tavtepe İnş.

Meting Rail Inc. + Met-Day Construction + Eze Construction + Gökçe İnş.

Bayburt Group Inc. + Kolin Construction + Aga En. + Make Original + Şenbay Mad.

RBI Construction + Didoray Inc.


During the construction works, the works will be passed through a “deep tunnel” to prevent daily life from being affected negatively. 14,7 kilometers of the line will be built as 900 meters of tunnel. Gebze metro line, which will use the GoA4 driverless full automatic subway consisting of 4 vehicles, will have a capacity of 1080 passengers. The driverless subway will be available for 12-second intervals thanks to the signaling equipment on the 15,6-station metro line of 90 kilometers. It is planned to complete the 15.6 km metro line between Gebze and Darıca and complete it in 560 days. Transportation between Darica, Gebze and OIZs will be provided in 19 minutes.


Maintenance and repair of the Metro vehicles will respond to the maintenance and repair area of ​​the vehicle warehouse and control center at the end of the line will be held in the region of Pelitli. With the planned TCDD Gar station you will be connected with other cities, especially Istanbul via Marmaray and High Speed ​​Train. The journey will start from the first station, Darica Beach Station, 12. and the last station, OSB station, will be completed in a short time such as 19 minutes.


4 in the project where the latest technology will be used. At the level of automation (GoA4) full automatic driverless subway will serve. High performance, high reliability and low voyage intervals, low operating costs without driver, better respond to passenger demands increases the attractiveness of metros. For these reasons, the full automatic subway system in which transitions will be started will be implemented in Gebze-Darica line.


This system provides better service with minimum acceleration, braking and operating speed. Accordingly, the passenger's average waiting time is reduced while the passenger is also prevented. The waiting times in the stations can be adjusted from the Control Center according to the conditions. There is more delay in train failures in trains without personnel. The delay time can be removed by turning the trains immediately back at the end stations, or the spare trains can be included in the system to remove the gaps.


This drive is more difficult to remove because the driver's cabin will take time to change. Since there is no driver in the driverless metro systems, all the interventions and controls made by the driver are made by the Traffic Control Center with the help of electronic systems. In case of train failure, fire, emergency situation, the train is controlled according to the alarm information of the train in the Control Center. All interventions are made by the Control Center.


With the commissioning of the Gebze subway line, the 2023 will increase in 11 million vehicles every year. This will start with 2035 million Euros in 37 and increase every year and bring more than 2023 million euros in 6. By the end of 2035, a total savings of more than 16 million will be achieved. In addition, 2035 million TL road maintenance and repair costs will be saved.


With the commencement of the operation of the Gebze metro line, the costs to be used to eliminate the pollution will be reduced. In 2023, with the 126 thousand Euro, the environmental costs that are expected to reach 2035 thousand Euros in 387 will increase every year. Thus, the cost of eliminating the environmental pollution of 2035 million euros will be prevented until 3,3. It is planned to eliminate the electricity expenses that will be spent on the internal need of the plant by means of the 5000 square meter solar panel field at the warehouse site. Repeated use of the water of car demolition units minimizes water consumption and creates a vision to leave a green world for future generations.

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