Increased Expedition Is Coming to Bursa

The new arrangement for minibuses and public buses, which provide public transport services on the Bursaray route, which crosses the city from west to east between the university-Kestel and Emek-Arabayatağı stations.

Olay Newspaper writer İhsan Aydın is talking about a case won by public transporters in the present corner.

According to Aydın, there is a traffic of meetings between private public bus tradesmen and Bursa Büyükşelir Municipality regarding the implementation of the judicial decision.

During the interviews, it is envisaged that the Bursaray flights will be reduced to 5 minutes after 3 and midibuses will be transported in the new vertical lines.

Is there a transition to midibus in urban public transport?
There is a search for solutions to a judicial decision.

Bursa's public transportation boss BURULAS is now considering how to implement the case with the private bus.

According to the information leaked from the interviews; While working as a minibus in the west of the city before the rail system is turned into a public bus converted to the old trades are mentioned.

But there is a difference.

It is emphasized that there is a demand for a public bus to return to the two midibuses in the meetings conducted with the Metropolitan Municipality and the old minibus and new private public bus tradesmen.

It is stated that the parties continue their search for consensus by taking into consideration the judicial decision.

It is said that the Metropolitan Municipality does not look at the demand negatively, but the midibuses insist on operating in vertical lines that will feed them rather than parallel to the rail system.

With the expedition to be made in Bursaray, it is stated that the passenger density will increase on the vertical lines after the voyage frequencies first fall to 5 minutes after 3.

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