Estram Officials Do Not Open Eyes For Illegal Passengers

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality municipal police teams and Estram officers continue their inspections to prevent the use of illegal tickets for those who prefer to travel by tram in public transport.

The police 10, 4 Estrada employees in total, including 14 7 people who inspection teams by the average person tickets a day every day of the inspections carried out in 5000 tram line is being tested. In the audits, both passers-by and those using personalized cards belonging to others are penalized. 5326 Offenses Act xnumx'y to 32 No. subparagraph by 'Emre contradictory behavior' to those who ride without ticket in designated criminal charges and 1 according to the amount determined in 2018 to use someone else's card Breaking Turkish Lira fine. Free or discount card belonging to the other found to belong to the past is seized by the teams of municipal police.

Estram officials said that the 7 tram line was inspected during working hours and the controls and hours were determined according to daily planning. In 2017, 715 stated that criminal proceedings were carried out by the authorities and that the contactless credit cards were now detected through inspections.



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