Investment of Erzincan Trabzon Railway Project Approved

AK Party Deputy Erzincan Av. Serkan Bayram gave the good news that Erzincan Trabzon railway project was taken into the Ministry of Transport. Bayram Erzincan said, or We are getting the investment of the year.

2018 An important meeting was held in Erzincan Hilton Hotel in January on the activities of licensed warehousing activities in Erzincan Gümüşhane Trabzon railway project and Erzincan logistics center working meeting.

If these projects are realized, Erzincan will be a logistics center and the storage and distribution of Trabzon port can be done from Erzincan. Holiday; Dı The project emphasized that both Erzincan and Trabzon would provide significant benefits in terms of economic and development.

Erzincan's strong progress in the future, indicating that the AK Party Deputy Erzincan Av. Serkan Bayram, Erzincan during the period of our government has traveled a lot. Erzincan is experiencing one of the most fortunate periods in its history. Under the leadership of our Prime Minister said he is getting big investments every day.

For the realization of the project, all our fellow citizens should support the Erzincan Trabzon railway project, which is considered as a follower of Ankara and the investment of the century. As you know, our Prime Minister, Kemaliye, laid the foundation for a connection. In other words, it laid the foundation of the Dutluca road, the Kemaliye leg of the highway connecting the Black Sea to the Mediterranean. With the completion of this road, Erzincan is an intersection from the North to the South. Trabzon is a gateway to the Black Sea with the construction of Erzincan railway. And it's an intersection in every sense along with the fast train project. We are now evaluating the three categories in order to make more efficient use of these opportunities.

Stating that the Erzincan Trabzon railway project first came to the fore in 2009, Bayram said, Concrete steps were taken and the project was included in the scope of investment by our Ministry of Transport upon the instructions of our Prime Minister. Hopefully, the necessary construction works and feasibility studies will be started in 2018 and we will reach our Erzincan. kazanwill be raised.

The project is a great investment for our province of Erzincan AK Party Deputy Erzincan Av. Serkan Bayram said that this investment was considered as the most important investment of our province. He said that very strong works in terms of investment would continue in Erzincan.

If the project was taken into the Ministry of Transport of the project, we can say that this work is better for our Erzincan. Turkey's first president in the near term, our major development in the transport sector to have Mr. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's leadership and major contributions Mr. Binali Yildirim, indicating that the AK Party Erzincan Deputy Av. Serkan Bayram, Trabzon-Erzincan railway, the investment of the century would be beneficial to our Erzincan. S

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