Most Noise Highways Bring Less Noise Railways

Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality initiated the creation of Strategic Noise Maps. In Diyarbakir, the most noise was found in highways and the least noise was in railways.

Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality has passed the work carried out within the scope of the project "Preparing Strategic Noise Maps" within the scope of the "Environmental Noise Assessment and Management Regulation" and "Legislation on Environmental Noise Assessment and Management of the European Union Directive" 2002. It was announced that he had completed on days.

Ministry approves report

Strategic Noise Maps were prepared and reported in the areas where highways, railways, industry, entertainment centers and various noise pollution may be located within the provincial boundaries of Diyarbakir. The Strategic Noise Mapping Report was submitted to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and approved and approved by the Ministry.

”Railways make the least noise“

Providing information to Sedat IRMAK from the Southeast Express on the detail of the report, Ramazan Savaş, Head of the Environmental Protection Department of the Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality: He made noise analyzes and measurements at the railway and 19 centrally located industrial facilities. As a result of these measurements, when we examine the strategic noise maps and exposure levels, which are prepared within the central borders of Diyarbakır province, including the combined noise effect including entertainment venues; The noise source type highways that cause the most intense noise spread throughout the city are highways. The type of noise source that we can consider as negligible is the railroads. ”

Action plan to be prepared

The action plan will be prepared to minimize noise on the highways of the war. It will be displayed. In the action plan, the report frameworks, which are prepared especially for the entertainment venues which are among the factors that disturb the citizens and which are located in the city, are handled and the audits are carried out and they continue to be carried out Eylem.

'Our goal is a livable example city'

Head of Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality Cumali Atilla, who has been working in line with the environmental sensitivity and his instructions, stated that they continue to work in full swing. Ramazan Savaş said: We are working day and night to make our city a livable, exemplary city to serve our citizens in Diyarbakir. Our aim is to reveal a livable example of a city project. We are working hard to bring the highest quality services to every point in Diyarbakır. It is known by our citizens that we are striving to provide the best service to everyone living in this city with the projects carried out by our municipality. As Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality Environmental Protection Agency, we work devotedly in line with the demands of our people and we will continue to work Diyarbak.

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    1. noise has a role in absorbing the noise of the environment structure .. for it the rail (TCDD; train) public transportation should be encouraged.