EGO Drivers Signed Protocol for Training Program

A protocol was signed for the training program, which will be attended by one thousand 200 EGO drivers carrying the weight of the capital transportation.

President of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Assoc. Dr. Mustafa accompanied by the Danube, at the signing ceremony held at the Presidential Authority, General Secretary of the Union of Municipalities of Turkey General Manager Hayrettin Güngör EGO Balamir Gundogdu, signed a protocol involving the training of EGO driver.

Turkey Union of Municipalities of the Metropolitan Municipality EGO to the protocol signed with the General Directorate of thousands 200 EGO driver of social relations experts of issues, communication skills, a weekly training will contain information about stress management and anger management as forms of behavior.

EGO drivers with the citizens to communicate better and more effectively with a training program to be carried out in order to be able to carry out their tasks more efficiently, even in difficult conditions of the drivers of the EGO to communicate better with the citizen without violating their morals is aimed. In accordance with the protocol, it was planned that the groups of 200 people would go to Yozgat to attend 1 weekly training in order to prevent transportation services in Ankara. Within the framework of the plan, 200 moved to Ankara from Yozgat to participate in the EGO driver group training program.



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