EGO Bus Passengers Pledge Area Investor Investigation

Discussing with passengers in Ankara, the EGO bus driver locked the doors and captured the passengers in the 40 minutes long.

The incident occurred yesterday evening in the Mamak Aegean Quarter 340 line number EGO bus. According to information received, two passengers trapped behind the automatic door of the bus advancing on Nato Road Street, the driver had a discussion. Tension increased as a result of another citizen's dispute with the driver.

Passengers entering the mouthfight of the driver, then all the doors were claimed to lock anyone down the vehicle. The driver took prisoners for about 40 minutes and then continued on the road by talking on his cell phone and making dangerous movements in traffic.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Directorate made a statement about the incident.

The statement made by EGO is as follows:

“Today, EGO General Directorate has started an investigation in various media outlets on the news titled“ EGO Bus driver passengers took 40 minutes hostage ”. In the first inspection, YH driver, who is a member of the company BELKA A.Ş, working on the 340 line in Mamak Ege Mahallesi, kept the passengers closed in the 6 minute bus. This event is unacceptable for whatever reason. For this reason, an investigation was initiated against the driver who was found to be involved in the incident and referred to the Disciplinary Board of BELKA A.Ş. Both the video footage inside the bus and the complaints of our citizens will be meticulously evaluated. Following the necessary examination, the driver will be punished most severely. It is publicly respected. ”

Günceleme: 20/12/2018 18:08

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