DHMI Will Be Global Brand

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, the State Airports Administration (SAMA) General Directorate, setting up companies outside Turkey can transfer to companies in the accumulation of foreign-owned authorizing stating, "DHMİ now become a global brand." said.

Armstrong, in a statement, the airline's "public way" to be Erdogan for 15 years, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Prime Minister Binali that everyone spent working intensively, especially lightning, and it is expressed not in vain, Turkey's aviation in recent years, he said continue to be the fastest growing country .

the development of the aviation sector in Turkey and that it is easy to enlarge pointing Arslan, continued as follows:

“Very bold steps had to be taken. The biggest of these decisions was the liberalization of aviation. Build-operate-transfer (BOT) applications followed. While we were doing this, of course, some people were criticizing 'State is privatizing', 'State is being sold'. It was not easy to come to these days, but if you take steps that you believe are in the interests of your country with courage and determination, great success will surely come after. Again, we have taken another giant step to further expand our aviation and we are building the world's largest airport in Istanbul. There were many opponents to this decision, both inside and outside the country, and they did their best not to build the airport. We continued on our way without even hesitation and we will open our airport shortly. These developments also enlarged the General Directorate of DHMİ and it is time to open up to the world. "

Regarding the liberalization decision and then the BOT model applications, they reminded the private sector of the opportunity, Arslan stated that new competitors were formed in the General Directorate of DHMI and this competition paved the way for the institution.

Arslan, emphasizing that the BOT model is recognized as the "Turkish model" in the world and that they teach this model to the operators in the private sector and even to the world, said:

“We created mutual synergy. All this was a revolution. The second step of this revolution was partial privatization. With the support of our President and Prime Minister, we made our legal arrangements regarding these. After these arrangements, we transferred the operating rights of the facilities we built to the private sector with the BOT, within the scope of the lease agreements signed. Thus, by popularizing the public-private cooperation model, we have been the host of other sectors in the country. Now it's time to go abroad. For this, all our infrastructure is ready. "

Arslan pointed out that with the decision of the Council of Ministers published in the Official Gazette yesterday, the General Directorate of DHMI was given the authority to establish a company abroad and that the obstacles to the opening of the institution to the world were removed.

Arslan explained that savings will be marketed abroad by the establishment of the company in question.

Minister Arslan, said:

“First, to teach our experience to countries and their companies and to create a new income item for our country in return. The second one is to make people say 'There is DHMİ in the foreign market now', to follow the tenders abroad and to restructure them in order to expand the business volume. We have created the infrastructure for this before, we prepared our legislation. Now, we will create a business development unit after this stage. Here, our friends will investigate world markets, look at opportunities abroad, follow the tenders and work on the necessary modeling methods to enter these markets within the framework of the knowledge of DHMI, and when necessary, they will prepare a proposal package for the management to create new collaborations.

Stating that their next goal is to transform DHMİ into a global brand, Arslan said, “This is extremely important for us. This is our next goal, I hope we will achieve it. " used the expression.

Arslan stated that the capital of the DHMİ company to be established abroad can be increased up to 100 million dollars, and that more than 50 percent of the company's capital, management authority and responsibilities will belong to DHMİ.

Arslan pointed out that the nominal capital of the company to be established will be determined by the DHMI Board of Directors in accordance with the targets of the General Investment and Financing Program of the year in accordance with the legislation of the relevant country, and said that the company in question is planned to start operating in the first half of this year.

Arslan said that the country where the company will be established will be determined by the main activity areas to be marketed and the countries' free trade agreements.

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