Citizen Not Wanted Dismantling of Concrete Sound Wall

TCDD'nin Sincan Atatürk Caddesi'nda Başkentray project within the scope of sound insulation for the sound insulation of concrete walls between the houses, began to be dismantled upon reactions.

Xinjiang BAŞKENTRAY project, who built the concrete wall of sound for sound insulation between dwellings by the railway line the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), over the objections of citizens began dismantling the wall. The sound wall, which was placed along the Atatürk Street in Sincan and which had a length of 7 meters, disturbed the tradesmen and the citizens living in the region. Hurriyet Ankara's 29 in January 'A wall for the wall brought to the agenda with the news of Sincan'a Ataturk Street trades, "Street returned to prison. The big wall is rising right in front of us. The image of people getting annoyed. In addition, the front of the houses in this region closed, de he said.

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