Channel Istanbul's Energy Works Began

BEDAŞ, which provides the electricity of 3.Havalimanı, started to work for Kanal İstanbul. General Manager Yiğit ed We have been preparing for some time. Basakşehir and started to think of Arnavutköy. Baş

Known as the 'Crazy Project' in the public channel, Istanbul has started the technical studies with the establishment of the canal. Although the project has not been auctioned yet, the sudden increase in electricity consumption due to the new settlements to be established on the construction site and on the canal line directed to Boğaziçi Electricity Distribution Inc. (BEDAŞ). Murat Yigit, General Manager of BEDAS, who serves over 5 million subscribers in the European side of Istanbul, said, Müdür We are preparing for the channel that will change the face of Istanbul for a while. This project will direct our new investments. We have both network and master plans. Başakşehir and Arnavutköy, we started to think about the changes in the ilvae plan and to calculate the burden. Baş Yiğit stated that they have been working with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality on this subject and that TEİAŞ has already started to work.

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