Büyükçekmece-Silivri Metro Line KİPTAŞ'a Victim Went

Another scandal occurred in the land in Silivri, where the IMM subsidiary, KIPTAS, granted permission to build on the 12 floor. IMM will change the route of Büyükçekmece-Silivri metro line for KİPTAŞ's housing project.

According to the news of Hazal Ocak from the Republic, a new scandal has emerged on the land in Silivri, where KİPTAŞ, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), has increased its construction permit to 12 floors. İBB will now change the route of Büyükçekmece (TÜYAP) - Silivri (Gümüşyaka) metro line for KİPTAŞ's housing project.

173 thousand square meters in Silivri, 2 floor construction permission was given permission to the floor 12 floor construction. Even IMM Directorate of Planning objected to the decision by appealing to the municipality, e There is a maximum floor limit of 6 in the region İ. Later, KİPTAŞ, in his appeal to İBB, stating that the forced parking lots per apartment in the zoning plans would damage the company and demanded the cancellation of some plan notes. The plan note requested by KİPTAŞ was accepted by IMP with the votes of the members of the AKP, despite the a rejection ”of the CHP councilors. IBB refused to appeal hundreds of citizens.

Intersecting land

According to 2013 zoning plans, Büyükçekmece (TÜYAP) - Silivri (Gümüşyaka) rail system line was passing through a part of the land. It was stated that the section that intersects with the line will change after the housing project of KIPTAS. The new zoning plans include the information on the subject, "The route of Büyükçekmece (TÜYAP) - Silivri (Gümüşyaka) metro (rail system) line, which was cut off at the border of the parcel in line with the opinion of the Directorate of Transportation Planning, will be determined in the implementation project stage".

Objection denied

Silivri Municipality announces the annulment of the metro line by saying that it has damaged the integrity of the plan. In the appeal of the municipality, “The metro, which continues from Beylikdüzü to Gümüşyaka neighborhood and is an important line for Istanbul transportation, has been canceled for the housing project. This is not only acceptable in terms of urbanism but in any respect. Although it is a substance in the plan notes that will be açık determined in the implementation project phase ar, it is clear that the Implementation Project is not a zoning plan and that such regional decisions should be in the Development Plan according to the zoning legislation. Plan

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